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Travel in Malta

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Malta is a beautiful European country adorned with many majestic places. Malta is formed with three islands : Malta, Comino and Gozo. It is located in the South of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. Although Malta is less known, but the travelers who visit Malta will recognize it as a hidden European gem. Tourists get amazed to see great palaces, cathedrals and amazing landscapes. Malta is also well known for historical sites and wonderful beaches. It’s great landmarks make it an ideal location for feature film’s shooting spots.

Why to choose Malta for travel?

Warm climate of Malta attracts European tourists, while other European countries face snow fall and bitter cold. Tourists get interested in traditional historical sites, which are now preserved as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Malta is relatively cheap country to travel, compared to other large European countries. It is also a suitable reason, for loving Malta for travel. If you have knowledge about Money saving tips, you could plan to visit many popular places within your limited budget.

Malta also attracts tourists, as it is well known as a safe country. Because crime rate in Malta is very low. If you are adventurous, daring to hike cliffs, you must know the tricks on how to stay safe. Malta is always a welcoming country, as tourists enjoy their traditional festivals. Malta can be your next travel destination, which is one of the best places to book your trip.

Malta is a fabulous country, where there are many things to see and do for the crazy tourists. Tourists love the Capital city of Malta for its historic value.

Valletta – The Capital city of Malta:

Valletta is a capital city of Malta, that is full of vibrant life. Built by Knights of St. John, It is a very charming city, enriched with Baroque architecture. Grand Master’s Palace impress the visitors for its magnificent Architecture and rich collections. St. Johns Co – Cathedral is a famous attraction for the Knights of the Order Tombs and Captivating interior. Its walls are adorned with golden decoration and Caravaggio’s paintings. Upper Barrakka Gardens is a very attractive place, which remains overlooking Grand Harbour. Its decent flower beds, benches and numerous arches gives a nice impression over the Three Cities.

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Many Things to see and do in Malta:

  1. Watch the Carnival :

Malta arranges its traditional Carnivale in February each year. Its celebrations are organized with parades, colorful costumes and delightful dancing. Huge visitors move to Gozo to enjoy the Carnival.

  • Cruise around the Island :

To get an alternate perspective on the island, you can get on a cruise from the coast. You can enlist a boat to show you around for around 30 EUR per individual. The excursion will incorporate lunch and keeps going between 7-8 hours. It visits a couple of sea shores and features a portion of the numerous wrecks around the island.

  • Visit the Blue Lagoon :

Located between Comino and Cominotto, this is the most notable sea shore in the country. It can get inconceivably occupied here toward the end of the week, so make certain to come ahead of schedule to stake out a decent spot. There’s a lot of different sea shores around the island you can visit without a group however! There is a ferry service from Malta, nonetheless, in the event that if you need to visit from Gozo, then you have to hire a boat.

  • Enjoy a Horse ride :

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking view around the Golden Bay, then take a horse ride. You will have an adventure while horse riding, besides you could explore the green nature and beautiful sunsets. It is an enchanting experience, that nobody wants to miss.   

  • Visit Lower and Upper Barrakka Gardens :

It is an incredible spot to see scenic view of the harbour. To escape from the busy city, tourists come here for peace and relax. Visitors watch the colourful boats, while sitting the bench. These wonderful gardens were created by the knights in 1661. But still now it relishes the visitors mind for the breathtaking view of harbour.

  • Visit Spinola Bay :  

Located in the city of St Julian’s in Malta, this little beautiful bay is a lovely fishing port. It is connected to Sliema through a strolling path. There are many café, restaurants and bars on the water’s edge. It is a nice place for safe swimming. Tourists take a boat ride to explore the surroundings. Visitors enjoy the pretty sunset, as well as they take the drinks in the waterfront restaurants.

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