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What are the different types of error logs?

types of errors
Samantha Green

What are the different types of errors logs | How do you remove error logs from Windows 11 | How can you make your very own log files in Windows 11?

When you review your Windows 11 error logs, there are three main categories, namely the level at which they are located. The categories determine the degree of the event for which the log was created.

These three categories:

Information: They are created after the operation is successful. For example, if drivers are loaded or the application runs without issue.  The most common error of Message plus Error and How to Fix message+ keeps stopping. Here is Guide to Fix in simple Ways.

A word of caution This is in the event that an OS detects a flaw within the system. The issues are not any immediate danger however, they could be problematic in the near future. For instance, if are running out of storage space on your disk there will be a log generated.

*Error. This is a sign of a serious issue but in the majority of instances, Windows will deal with it. For instance, if the driver or service does not load and then an error log is created. However, these are the most crucial of all.

If you find issues with your PC, don’t read publications that provide information, look up the magazines’ warnings and pay particular focus on those that are classified as ” Error”, as they are most likely to fix the issue you’re looking for.

If you launch Event Viewer within Windows 11, it will show all three levels, however, the process of identifying all logs from the three levels could take a considerable amount of time. This is the reason why error log filtering is useful. Read the following section to learn how you can accomplish this.

How do I filter the error logs?

* Open the event viewer, click one specific log category to the left, after that, click ” Filter current log ” on the right.

Then, click the drop-down menu Logged to choose the duration you’d like to keep track of logs.

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Select the time period you want to use from the choices. You can also select the final option to make your own timeframe.

Check the boxes to determine different levels of events that you wish to sort.

*Press”OK” at the top of the screen to sort the error logs.

All error logs that match the filters selected will be displayed.

We picked the duration of 24 hours, and then Level Error, as well as the logs, were filtered. The event viewer displayed the 4 Windows 11 error logs that were created during the period.

How do I create a custom view to view logs of a certain category and/or the level of Windows 11?

Open the event viewer, then hit ” Create custom view ” on the right.

Then, select the duration and event level, just like you previously did when you created the filter.

Selecting “By Magazines ” By magazines “, Select on the menu dropdown” Event Logs”, double-click on the entries ” Windows logs >> to expand and browse the different categories, then select those you’re looking for.

Click”OK” on the right of the screen to create filters for the new view.

Enter the name and description in the custom view and then click OK.

The new custom view will now be displayed on the left side, while those stories that fall within it will be displayed to the left.

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How do you remove error logs from Windows 11?

* Run the event viewer, go to the relevant category, and select ” Clear log” in the menu of options that appear on the right.

You have two options either save or delete error logs, or delete them immediately. Select the one you want to clear.

If you choose ” Save and clear ” Choose a place to save the file, give it the file’s name then select ” Save “.

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Once saved the errors logs will be cleaned immediately, and there won’t be any errors in the particular category.

If the error logs were saved prior to deletion, they can be located under “Saved logs” in the navigation bar to the left.

The OS produces thousands of logs for each kind of event regardless of whether it’s the flawless launch of a driver and service or the most dangerous mistakes. As with all other files, it also takes up the space within your disk regardless of how tiny it’s.

If you’re struggling with space, or need a better-organized Event Viewer Clearing Windows 11 error logs can aid.

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How can you make your very own log files in Windows 11?

* Press Windows+ Sto to open ” Search “, enter ” Notebook” into the box with the text at the top, and then click the search result that is appropriate.

*Type in the .LOG into the first line Notepad.

Click to open the option ” File “And choose” Save in the menu of parameter choices.

Select the location and filename, and select ” Save ” at the top. Then close Notebook.

Once the log file has been created the dates and times will also be listed each when you open it, and you are able to enter whatever you like and then click Ctrl+ Sto to save it.

When the subsequent time you start the Log file previous added entry will appear under the date and time and that date, as well as time, be displayed on the next entry.

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