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Significant difference between Linux and Windows OS

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Difference between Linux and Windows – While selecting the hosting for a new website, the Operating System (OS) choice is indispensable. The options include several Operating Systems, howbeit Linux and Windows are the most accustomed ones.

Depending on your choice of server, you will eventually have to purchase Linux or Windows hosting to get that OS installed for your website. However, to decide on it, one must need to know the difference between Linux and Windows in order to make the right decision. So let’s explore the similar and contrasting aspects alongside the merits and flaws between both operating systems.

Ease of Use 

Linux, no doubt, is very convenient and user-friendly thanks to its graphical user interface (GUI). However, users that are familiar with the windows software corroborate the ease of use of Windows. So we can say that the opinions concerning the ease of use differ among the users that are using each Operating system.

Nevertheless, it is said that with less time to learn or no time for switching to a new OS, staying on Windows, or knowing it can be more accessible.

difference between Linux and Windows


Linux seems to be more stable and secure in comparison to Windows. However, Windows has its own practicable security measures to protect the whole environment. Besides, no matter the Linux and Windows, the users have to practice viable security approaches to avoid threats and risks.


Now let’s move on to pricing that is always the decision-making factor while buying the hosting commodities. Also, this feature holds a significant difference between Linux and Windows OS.

As you already know, windows being a Microsoft product, can be high-priced. On the other hand, Linux is free and open-source software and falls under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This cost difference among the software eventually creates disparity among the hosting prices.

So Windows is slightly high in price, and Linux is cheaper. However, this isn’t a problem if you have other essentials to desire in your operating system, for instance, what Windows have while Linux isn’t. Besides, users can expect discounts and promotions on Windows software. Moreover, buying cheap Windows hosting can help balance the budget easily.


In addition to the above variance, there is also a notable divergence in the applications, languages, or frameworks that each can readily support. For example, Windows is compatible with ASP.NET, MSSQL, Visual Basic, etc., and Linux supports SSH and Apache modules. So it is better to understand the compatibility and its extent with your chosen software.

Control Panel Choice 

A control panel helps you is the way you access and control a website’s backend. Two popular control panels include cPanel and Plesk. For example, Linux uses both cPanel and Plesk, while Windows employs Plesk. So this is another difference between Linux and Windows.

Case Sensitivity 

Another disparity among them is the case sensitivity attribute. What we mean is that Linux servers have alphabetic case-awareness in contrast to the Windows servers that are not. Let’s understand it with an example. NAME.html and name.html will be different for Linux but not for Windows.

So the Linux users need to be attentive towards this detail that does not seem important, though. However, it can result in customers being unable to find the usual location. It is because a simple case misplace will let the users land on another destination.

Who can use which OS?

Well, here, it definitely is the user choice. Besides, you can use any of the Operating systems for any server and hosting environment. But, still and all, users’ assessment framed Linux as best for blogging platforms and windows to be better for the eCommerce sector and big business.


Support is the attribute where the difference between Linux and Windows Hosting becomes pretty prominent. Linux is open-source, so there is no special support associated with the software. However, thankfully, it has community-based support just like the other open-source software. You can ask the experts and forums existing online to help you whenever and however you need it.

On the other hand, Windows has exceptional support from Microsoft, where professionals are at users’ disposal every now and then. So users can seek help from minor technicalities to more complex problems. They can also browse support content online from the different categories.

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