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Multiplatform Software Development: How Doodle Incorporation is Making it Easier Than Ever!

sayed shahnur

When it comes to complex software development, not many people feel drawn towards it. Building an Web Application or Website by easy to use drag & drop builders is one thing and making a digital product from scratch based on ideas and innovation is completely a different story.

There are very few agencies in the world that have the necessary skills and experience to handle such challenges. Custom web solutions require multiplatform knowledge, expertise in various programing languages, agile methodology and DevOps solutions.

In this post, I am going to share how Doodle Incorporation is filling out these gaps for tech buyers around the world and making Full Stack Multiplatform Software Development much more efficient.

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Detailed Knowledge on Programing

Doodle Incorporation has a team of expert developers who come from different backgrounds but with common trait of passion for technology. The team rigorously work to solve build products by various languages like PHP, Java, Java Script, Node.Js, React, React Native, Angular, Swift, Flutter, Ionic, etc.

All the developers have years of experience in each of these languages with tons of complex projects under their name. The development team of Doodle Inc has developers who are capable of handling both the front end and back end of any particular app or website.

Reducing Operating Cost Significantly

Building a reliable digital solution takes time. It may take months to years of development to complete a project. It is one of the main reason why many entrepreneurs are often concerned about going for such solutions in the first place as cost is unprecedented some times.

However, Doodle Inc has made it easier for vendors by taking the complete responsibility of planning, managing and developing products including hiring necessary talents for the job at a local rate. So as a vendor or owner, you would not have to worry about work spaces, office setup, machines and all those resources.

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Genuine Practice of Agile Methodology

Doodle Inc focuses on perfection to build digital solutions that can satisfy both the owner and end-user completely. Quality comes for first when it comes to development and following Agile Methods throughout the organization is a long running practice at Doodle Inc.

Developers follow Iteration process while handling any particular project. They make sure that requirements and solutions can progress simultaneously by effective collaboration of cross-functioning teams within the organization. It is a practice that has helped Doodle to adapt to frequent changes and interruptions.

The entire team also adheres to the core Agile Components which makes the development of Doodle highly efficient in terms of project management. Here are the core factors-

  1. User Stories
  2. Sprints
  3. Standup Meetings
  4. Agile Board
  5. Backlogs

Variations in Product and Services

Over the years, Doodle Inc has evolved into an all round tech firm. It started its journey as a web development company and gradually became a full stack development house in 10 years. Vendors trust Doodle Inc because of the wide range of products it has developed in the past decade.

From simple websites like normal HTML sites, WordPress or other template based websites to highly advanced custom built web sites, eCommerce solutions, CMS, ERP, Financial Solutions, Payroll and HRM solutions, SaaS, PaaS and even social media platforms that could give even Facebook a run for their money in future.

So if you are looking for multiple digital solutions for your business or for even personal use or you are a tech firm who needs some helping hand with a complex project, Doodle Incorporation is the best choice as it covers almost every thing.

The Doodle Tech House aims to fuel the world business community with easy, reliable and cost effective digital tools that can simplify the way business operate worldwide. Empowering the world with tools, software’s and high-tech solutions has always been the main vision of Doodle Incorporation from the very first day.

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Ensuring Equal Opportunities for All

One of the main reason Doodle Inc has been able to simplify Multiplatform Software Development is because its equal and balanced treatment with all its team members, partners, stakeholders and everyone related with the organization.

Doodle Inc plans to give developers a platform to showcase their brilliance to buyers, vendors and entrepreneurs who are seeking digital solutions through quality software engineering. Therefore, creating employment and treating employees with proper rights and respect has always been a regular practice of Doodle Inc.

Doodle Inc has created a bridge for tech experts to be a part of the company from every part of the world and work on projects according to their expertise. The company has ensured a convenient work schedule for all its team members, mental refreshment options, hygienic and safe work environment with a convincing pay rate.

Final Thoughts

Developing software’s or other digital products is not a rocket science. But making a digital solution that can be beneficial for both the vendor and end user is a real challenge.

Doodle Inc is a full stack software development company which takes both the vendor and the users interest into account while working any particular project. Doodle asses the overall impact of the solution and designs the products in a way that will be loved and cherished by users.

From keeping the cost down to implementing robust agile methods to ensure maximum efficiency, Doodle Inc ensures grown breaking results out of their projects no matter how complex that is.

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