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Best CamScanner Alternatives For Android And iOS

Best CamScanner Alternative For iOS Devices
Atharv Bhardwaj

Let’s talk about Best CamScanner Alternative For iOS Devices today! After India banned Chinese apps, the search for alternate Indian apps became aggressive. TikTok, UC browser, CamScanner, etc are now banned in India. And people are switching to their alternatives. This article talks about the best CamScanner alternative apps.

Being one of the most famous scanner apps, CamScanner was a widely used app. This app was famous for scanning and post-scan functionalities.

Here Is The Perfect CamScanner Alternative For Your Device

Before sharing distinct CamScanner alternative apps, let’s first find out why we look for CamScanner alternative apps?

Why Do We Need CamScanner Alternative apps?

Searching for the CamScanner alternative apps is difficult. But go ahead with these points that explain why we need the best alternative for CamScanner.

  • CamScanner Is A Popular Scanning App– Yes, a sudden ban on CamScanner sounds very abrupt to all those who use it frequently for scanning. Also, it is a famous app. Now we need something which replaces it accurately.
  • We Need Swadeshi Apps – After banning CamScanner, we again have many options. But the “vocal for the local” call of the Prime minister created a mass of patriotic users that searched for Swadeshi alternatives.
  • Scanning Is Essential Task– While many of us are working from home, banning CamScanner does not make us free from scanning documents. We still need the best scanner app that can replace Camscanner and offer varied features.

After considering all these issues, we have carefully selected two distinct CamScanner alternative apps.

FlashScan – The Best CamScanner Alternative For Android Devices

Best CamScanner

FlashScan is an Indian document scanner app that offers various features and useful functionalities.

  • It scans all types of documents in no time. Users get clear and sharp PDFs.
  • Get different page-sized PDFs such as A3, A4(by default), A5, Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, etc
  • FlashScan accurately reads QR codes and Barcodes. You can instantly save or share it.
  • It gives an in-built OCR that acts as an intuitive text extractor. It also translates texts from English to many other languages.
  • You can anytime get PDF documents with this camera scanner. Get it in original or compressed quality.
  • The brilliant post-scan filters enhance the scanned results.
  • Users can anytime share, save, rename, and delete any files and folders.
  • Sort out your documents by name and time.
  • Get ad-free scanning experience with a straightforward interface
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MasterScan -The Best CamScanner Alternative For iOS Devices

Best CamScanner

Another best document scanner app is MasterScan. Here are a few features of this app that makes it the best Camscanner alternative.

  • Users can take pictures of the document through the device camera and scan it easily.
  • OCR recognizes printed characters into digital text. You can share it as Plain Text or in a file.
  •  You can also translate these texts from English to other languages.
  • List any documents as a favorite document and keep it handy with the Favorite Documents.
  • You can apply a variety of post-scan filters according to your document types and requirements.
  • Anytime convert saved Jpg images to PDF format with a single click.


FlashScan and MasterScan are the best PDF creator apps that are perfect CamScanner alternatives. Use it to scan, edit and decode QR codes or Barcodes.

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