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Lock annoying popups notification

Suzanne Shanks

It isn’t delightful to see the ads and auto-playing of videos popping up now and then when browsing. There are popups from the websites that request your permission to send the popup, your location, and more such notifications, hence causing the hindrance to your concentration while you are trying to do something important on your computer.

Malwarebytes is an antivirus scanner that protects the multiple layers of protection from antivirus, malware function, online threats, browser extension, and other threats from other sites. There is a function of Malwarebytes popup disable that will help you to disable all the popups. Hence you can have hassle-free surfing on your computer. Malwarebytes popup shows the notification for the scans, upgrades, protection events. Some critical popups that you will see are expiration notices, renewals, threats, and updates. You can also adjust the popup notification that you wish to disable by going to the setting application tab.

Follow these simple and easy steps to block not so important notifications:

First, open Malwarebytes for windows.

1. Now, click on the settings application tab.

2. Then, scroll down to the notification section.

3. Manage the following notification from settings:

  • Turn off all the not-important notifications.
  • In the column where “show Malwarebytes notification from the windows system tray” settings, click on turn off.

4. Now, choose how long you want the notification to disappear by following the simple steps here:

  • Click on close notifications after, then click on the menu and choose how quickly you want the notification to disappear or silence the notification.
  • Now you turn off the notifications for real-time protection by turning off the settings from the real-time protection position.

the simple way to block malware popup for the ads Is as follows:

  • For windows, first, open the malware app on your system. Next, click on the settings present on the menu.
  • Next, go to notification and then turn off the message that says “notify me for the full version update.”
  • Turn off all the malware notifications that show malware bytes in the Windows system.
  • Next, turn off the says “show a notification when real-time protection is turned on.”
  • If you are on Mac, try to navigate the system preference.
  • Now click on the notification button.
  • Go down and click on the malware alert system.
  • Now unselect all the options of notifications.
  • Now close all the notifications.
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After following the above steps, you will activate the option of Malwarebytes popup disable, and you can always reverse this process and change the settings. If you have any doubts, you can contact their customer support for further help.


Since Malwarebytes is used both on Windows and Mac, there are different steps to disable the popups. On Mac, you can follow simple steps by clicking on notification category and then choose on malware bytes alert system and click on disable. You will not receive any updates now. If you still face some problem with Malwarebytes popup disable contact, customer support and their ever-friendly and helpful team will solve all our queries.

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