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How to fix the unable-to-work issue of Malwarebytes?

Suzanne Shanks

Malwarebytes is a security program that offers various services and tools. It has a different interface from other security programs as you can make certain changes to this program easily. It is a very reliable antivirus program and can be used on various devices. After installing the program, users can use the device without malware concerns. Whenever you face an error with your security program; try to fix it before the device has to compromise with any issues.

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes errors 

Restarting your computer 

Antivirus can start showing errors when a user installed a new program or made any changes. For applying the changes to the system; you should restart the device. After restarting, your Malwarebytes will find the changes and start working. 

Repair your system files

The files on your device can get into various errors when not working properly. If your Malwarebytes is not working; check for the system files. Your system files get into error easily. If these files show an error Malwarebytes won t open. You have to check these files and repair them. Finding the corrupted system files is not easy. Even when you find them; editing without knowledge can get you into other issues. When your files are showing an error; try to run the repair tool. Windows provides a file checker utility tool. When you run this tool, it will start checking for all the files. If any file is not working; the sfc/scannow tool will repair it. Run this tool on your command screen and it will fix those files. After repairing the files with the utility tool; restart the computer and run your Malwarebytes.

Remove your junk

Malwarebytes may show you errors if your device has accumulated lots of junk. The junk files can take lots of free space and RAM on the system. Along with these issues, these files may start interrupting other programs. You should remove all those files. Open the files and check for the junk including the temp files. Remove all these files from the system. Now, open the computer and check for the remaining junk. You can run the cleanmgr on the system. It will check for the hidden junk files on your system. Click on the list and remove the unnecessary and junk files. Now restart your device and check for files that are creating the error. Open your Malwarebytes and scan the PC.


Undo the changes on your system

If the Malwarebytes program is not working after making changes on the security tab then revert them. People have disabled some of the services unknowingly. Reopen the same tab and undo those changes. If the user can’t revert them, try using the undo tool. You have to search for the Windows restore tool. Provide the restoring tool and run it. The tool will revert the changes on your device. 

Repair your corrupted Malwarebytes registry files

The registry files of Malwarebytes get into error due to the changes or runtime issues. You have to open those files and repair them manually. Users can access the registry editor using the Regedit command. After opening the file, search for your Malwarebytes registry files. Copy the error-related files and save them with the .reg extension. Create the backup keys and then edit them. When a user cannot repair those files manually; check for professional help. Don’t edit those files without knowledge. Once your Malwarebytes registry files get repaired; antivirus will start working.

Check for the conflicting error

You can install another antivirus with Malwarebytes, the antivirus needs some changes and you can run both programs without any error. If your Malwarebytes is getting the error; check your other security program. Inspect all the features of the program. Now go to your Malwarebytes and disable all those features. The user is facing the error as he is using the same service on both devices. After making the changes, Malwarebytes will run without any conflict issues.

Free the hard-disk space

Malwarebytes needs some amount of free RAM and hard-disk space for running properly. When the device has low disk space; Malwarebytes will stop working. Users need to increase the space for the smooth running of your antivirus. You can increase the space by removing other programs. Check for all unnecessary programs. Remove all of those programs from the device. Also, delete all unwanted files. Hit the scan option on Malwarebytes and check for errors.

Suzanne Shanks

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