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How to Configure ATT Email on MS Outlook?

Aleena Ghose

AT&T is an application that is run under yahoo under which the user has the authority to sign on to the att portal by opening it. The website allows you to access all the information be it news or any nearby shopping malls or the rest general preference the user would want. Rather you would now see ATT mail server settings with yahoo.


To login the AT&T email there are certain steps that the user must follow and it says as:

  1. Open AT&T sign-in page or homepage.

2. Enter your email address and the secret phrase which should be mentioned beneath.

3. After entering the email address and the secret phrase click on the snap-on button.

4. You have successfully logged into the account.

Now there is a category of users who would want to configure ATT email on Outlook, for them, there are a few general steps they must follow:

  1. Download Microsoft Outlook on your device.
  2. Go to the account settings options in the files tab.
  3. Then switch to the email option inside account settings and click on the new tab
  4. Click on the Microsoft Exchange, POP3, HTTP option.
  5. Click on the next tab which you will find near Manually configure server settings.
  6. Click on the internet email followed by the next tab.
  7. Mention your email address under the option of user information. Followed by choosing POP3 which comes under server information.
  8. Type under the incoming mail server tab.
  9. Further, type under outgoing mail server.
  10. Mention your username and password under the login information tab.
  11. Click on the outgoing server and next to SMTP is an option that requires authentication, wherein the field number which is mentioned should change to 995
  12. Alter the SMTP number to 465 and click on SSL.
  13. Click on the ok tab and select test settings to ensure that everything is working properly.
  14. Click next option followed by a finish
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You have successfully configure att email on outlook.

But rather as a user if you face an issue fixing AT&T while signing into the account then initiate by checking the outbox folder, in case there is any message then remove it and try sending a new one. Check if there are any error codes so as to resolve them.

The email client settings which are mentioned should be correct and if by any chance you can’t access then troubleshooting and resolving tool will help you to solve the issue and avail of the service soon without any further discomfort.

If by any chance you wish to recover the deleted emails then follow the procedure which states as:

  1. Visit the AT&T login page and mention your login details.
  2. Switch to the missing emails support page.
  3. Fill a form which is in order to restore the account.
  4. Along with that mention the date for which you are asking to restore emails on, the team would restore the mails on that particular date.
  5. This way you may recover your deleted AT&T mails
  6. By any chance if you fail to understand kindly reach out to the support team for further queries.

Having done with all the steps mentioned above, if you wish to change the password for the security reasons then you may add on one more tip in the list. Its not lengthy rather a 3-step process wherein you may change password just in a short span of time and its going to be quick. Below I m mentioning the steps that you are supposed to follow to successfully make changes with your password so as to secure your account.

  • Open profile and click on the sign in info tab.
  • Click on the change password tab.
  •  You are all set to go click enter and save your password information successfully.
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This was just an insight on the basics of AT&T with outlook and the situations you as a user might come across while handling AT&T if for the first time. For more updates stay tuned with us on our esteemed site. Hope our content proved a help to you. We are happy to serve our users with rich and quality content. For more queries feel free to reach us.

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