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How to Instantly Turn Any Screwdriver Into a Powerful Magnet?

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The different day I changed into helping my buddy alternate a tail light bulb in his SUV. The lens cowl had little screws that needed to be taken out from the inside of the tailgate place.

We’ll my pal isn’t always mechanically willing and his call might as well be Fumbles McGee due to the fact if he can lose or drop some thing, it’s going to appear. He eventually dropped a screw interior of the fender well, and could not get to it.

So I went over there to assist him, and peering into the hole, I ought to see the head of the screw. I right away reached for one of his five screwdrivers hoping one in every of them turned into magnetized.

So we may want to fish it out, but as success might have it, none of them were. So I determined to reveal him a trick I had found out long in the past.

I requested him to locate a bit of insulated twine, possibly a foot lengthy. After approximately 10 minutes of fumbling around, the most effective element he ought to give you was some thing that seemed like a superb lengthy twist tie, like the type used to tie up a loaf of bread.

So with none different choice, I idea I’d try it besides. Seconds later, I had a magnetized screwdriver, retrieved the misplaced screw and finished up the job.

Here’s how I magnetize screwdrivers:

It’s exceptional to use a few insulated wire like the sort used for stereo speakers. You strip approximately an inch of insulation off of every quit at approximately a fifteen inch piece, and begin wrapping it around the shaft of the screwdriver.

However you’ll already be achieved, and you will have a magnetized screwdriver. Warning: I’ve proven this approach to many humans who’ve been doing this now for years.

However, placing a wire throughout a stay battery is essentially shorting the battery. I’ve by no means had a trouble, or created a problem magnetizing screwdrivers on this way. However in concept, it can be risky, and damage your battery or motive non-public damage. So do it at your personal danger!

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Reasons Why the Pocket Screwdriver Is Useful:

The Pocket Screwdrivers are 40 percent lighter and 33% greater useful and prolific than the regular screwdrivers, these are small and transportable and might suit into any tool belt – pouches.

These Pocket Screwdrivers are powerful and might assist in finishing most of the professional drill or using jobs during the day with out putting in tons efforts.

The electricians, carpenters, woodworkers, remodelers, or even for housewives the Pocket Screwdriver is a very beneficial counterpart the huge and heavy screwdrivers. These are beneficial in almost each individuals every day existence in and around the workplace and house.

The Pocket Screwdriver is strength – driven by means of lithium-ion battery. In one fee its battery can pressure up to hundred 3 inch screws. This normally comes with two batteries which guarantees that it in no way runs out of price. This pocket screwdriver is small and very light in weight, measures less than pounds together with the battery. Its manage has a smooth grip that’s comfortable to apply even for complete day if required.

This Pocket Screwdriver has ahead and opposite button which helps in drilling screws or getting rid of screws very effortlessly. These come with one greater features LED light. This could be very vital characteristic which enables one to peer properly even in dimly lit areas. This tool also comes with the rubber grip with which even if it falls down from the 8 stepladder it nevertheless works.

In few precise brands the battery is detachable in contrast to all others, so this may additionally function like a ordinary complete size drill. This screwdriver is a complete finisher’s and a hint up device as properly within the daily recurring.

This method loads to people who require performance in their operating day.


Pocket Screwdrivers are very essential gear for any individual who works constantly. Though one has device bins or any kind of application belt, these screwdrivers excel in its creative locations.

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This is any such tool which maintains one convenient in places like bedroom, rest room, kitchen or maybe within the automobile.

Even a component like sunglass can be easily fixed up whenever. For any minor housework additionally this tool works wonders. The screwdrivers with magnetic tip or interchangeable bits are also very beneficial.

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