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How to make the best real estate video?

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Although there are many ways to do marketing strategies for real estate, we are going to focus on real estate video marketing in this article. Why? Video is one of the most effective ways when it comes to selling. It has become the protagonist of content. Videos are more powerful, emotional, and easier to consume. Therefore they are more likely to be shared and visualized.

What can you achieve by making a real estate video?

Real estate video marketing is used as a marketing strategy to attract more buyers and sellers. You can also attract collaborators and even if you frequently upload the videos to YouTube, you can earn more money. With the videos, you will have:

  • More visibility: videos are more likely to be shared and more likely to have more reach than your own real estate network.
  • Humanize the real estate: allow the real estate to tell the history and show faces. We all like to know who is behind working in an online environment.
  • Improve SEO: Videos also rank in Google! One of the factors that Google considers when positioning your website in search engines (Google) is when a person stays on your website looking at your content. With a video, you increase the retention rate and reduce the bounce. In addition, they can also appear in Google searches. So you will improve your visibility even more.
  • More potential customers: telling a story will bring you closer to potential customers. Every person who gets excited about your video or likes the videos you make will become a potential customer.

Steps to carry out a real estate video strategy

I will not fool you. Making a video is not an easy task. It requires time and some basic knowledge. But hey! There is always a beginning. I will show you all the steps you have to follow to make a good real estate marketing video. 

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Define the target audience

You can ask yourself this question: Who do I want to see the video I’m going to make? It is the same for us to think of a video aimed at a married couple as at 25-year-olds. Focus on each video having a target audience and grab their attention!

Define the type of video 

  • Explanatory video: video in which you explain a specific topic. For example: How to make a property valuation. What is a home loan? Steps to selling your house? They are mainly educational videos in which you want to teach a concept or idea to your target audience.
  • Educational videos are used to create valuable content and their main function is to attract potential customers.
  • Video Interview: these are videos in which you interview interesting people.
  • Testimonial Videos: Videos about testimonials that have good opinions about you
  • Videos for real estate portals: Real estate videos are mainly used for real estate portals or the web.

Define the resources you have

This is important because we are always looking to do a super production of Hollywood, but then you realize that you don’t have the necessary resources. 

  • Budget: How much do you have for the video?
  • Time: How long will you take to record and edit the video?
  • Equipment: Do you have a tripod, Spotlights, Camera, Tie microphones.
  • Location: Where can you record?
  • Actors: Who is going to be in the video?
  • Music: this point is important. Don’t use copyrighted music. Your video will automatically be banned.

Define a script

Nor is it worth saying: I am going to record a video about real estate. You have to be more specific and, above all, not start recording like crazy. A good video always has planning behind it. The videos that most excite and sell the most are those that tell a story.

Think about the story in advance and even make a script with the text. Think about whether it will be a voice-over or there will be dialogue. If there is a dialogue between people, send the script in advance to learn it.

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Define a plan for your real estate video

Once you have recorded the video, think about how you are going to disseminate it. You can broadcast a video at:

  • Your real estate blog.
  • Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube ….Here I stop for a moment to explain something to you. If you publish on any social network, upload the video directly to the social network itself. Since social networks penalize a lot if you share a link that makes the user leave the social network itself. (Think that social networks seek to create addiction and that you spend a long time browsing it)
  • A campaign by mail. You can use the video in a mail campaign or a drip campaign. Many real estate companies send them a message with a personalized video by mail or even by WhatsApp. If you include a video, the curiosity will be greater and almost irresistible to watch.

To sum up

Making a video will always push the potential client to close an operation with you and if you have already closed an operation with him, you can build even more loyalty. If you are going to make videos of each of your properties, you can manage them with some real estate video maker.

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