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Different types of tyres: Pros and Cons of each tire type

Bilal Ahsan

Truck tires help you get the most out of your vehicle and take on the different terrains you may encounter. Some tires are designed to give excellent performance off-roads, some are intended for smooth on-road driving, and some offer a balance between the two.

There are numerous alternatives regarding truck tires, and when choosing what truck tires are appropriate for you, it’s best to consider many factors.

Types: There are three criteria for choosing the kind of tires. To make sure you choose the right set for yourself. First, think about your daily driving. Then what are the weather conditions you drive in, and lastly, what type of vehicle are you going to drive?

  1. Max Traction Tires: Your truck’s tires are responsible for maintaining a good grip on the road. Tires that provide reliable traction can help you travel on long rocks, icy roads, and slippery slopes. Although many tires offer some grip on the road, they are built with max traction tires.
  2. All-Season Tires: These tires provide good performance on streets and highways. You will experience better handling on-roads, but these tires have limited off-road capabilities.


  • Withstand climate changes
  • Handling improvement
  • Noise reduction
Smooth for on-road drivingLimited traction off-road
DurabilityShallow tread patterns
  • Off-Road Tires: If you drive off-road or on uneven roads, these might be your choice. These tires have large tread patterns that provide more traction on rough roads. If taking over sand, loose gravel, rocky terrains is your sort of factor; then these tires might be the right choice for you.


  • The superb grip on uneven roads
  • Absorb damage from rocks
Maximum traction on uneven surfacesMuch noisier
Improved puncture resistancePoor performance on highways
  • Mud Tires: If you drive primarily over sand, loose gravel, steep terrains, and mud, then Mud Terrain tires might be for you. M/T tires provide the best traction on dirt and rocks. These have large tread patterns and are suitable for people who drive on mud all the time.


  • Allows dirt to pass easily
  • Good grip, Open tread pattern
  • Handle serious Off-road conditions
Excellent off-road abilityRather loud
More significant gaps between tread-blocks allow better tractionPoor performance in wet weather
Larger side-biters for better traction off-roadHigher priced
Excellent self-cleaning abilities of tire 
Much stronger sidewall, resulting in lesser punctures. 
  • All-Terrain Tires: All-Terrain tires tend to be the popular choice for truck owners who want to use their vehicles each on and off the road. These are all-rounder tires for smooth and rough terrains. These provide excellent handling and a smooth ride on the most challenging routes. Benefits:
  • Versatility
  • Robust
  • Extra void in tread pattern which increases grip on unsealed surfaces             
Good balance between on-road and off-road performanceLouder than all-season tires
Decent on-road and wet weather abilityLow fuel efficiency
Quieter than off-road tires 
Better handling on mud than regular tires
  • Winter Tires: These tires provide good performance on wet roads in cold conditions. These provide the best grip on icy surfaces. They offer soft rubber that doesn’t freeze in the cold. Due to this rubber, you will experience good performance and handling in snow and ice. They are not suitable for warmer months and provide less traction and poor handling because of soft rubber.
Good performance in cold and extreme weatherCost
Better handling on ice and snowChanging tires each season
Safety in cold weather 
  • Heavy-Duty Tires: These tires are for commercial use. In case you’re the sort of truck owner that likes to pull trailers or max-out the payload limit of your vehicle, at that point, these heavy-duty tires are for you. These tires offer reliability for ordinary driving.


  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Capable on highways and job sites

How passenger tires are different from truck tires?

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When it comes to passenger tires, you cannot find a lot of variety in terms of terrain driving. And, the reason is that these tires are designed for highway driving. You cannot take a passenger car such as a sedan or a hatchback to mud or sand. In passengers’ tires, you can find season specialty which we already discussed above.

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