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How to connect the wireless network to the printer?

Suzanne Shanks

A printer is a crucial device for various jobs. From business to home use; this device has become an essential gadget. Earlier, the user had to use the cable only. He needs to transfer all data to that device for taking the printouts. But new printers provide wireless printing service. Now the user doesn’t need to connect the printer to a particular device with a cable. Users can connect the printer to any system they want. 

Connecting the printer to a wireless network

There are few things you should consider before configuring the devices. Users can go for the standard and WPS methods. You can also go for the WPS connection when the router allows it. Check your router for a physical WPS pin. This is a simple connection method and the user can easily configure it.

Printer connection using WPS pin

For printer connection with WPS then check for the printer and router. The printer must have the Wi-Fi connection feature and the router must provide the physical WPS pin. Before the connection; check the router status. Use an access point that is WPA secured. Always keep a strong password on the router so only the authenticated people can access it. The network connection must be stable. Now check the printer and connect it to the electricity. Check the power lamp of your printer and then start configuring the printer to PC.

  1. Go to the printer and press its Wi-Fi
  2. The Wi-Fi must start blinking
  3. The printer will start checking for the available network
  4. Now go to the router and check its WPS pin
  5. Enable the WPS pin

When the printer finds your WPS connection; the Wi-Fi lamp becomes stable. After the connection; the user must check the network. It may get connected to other open networks. For checking the connection, take the printout of the configuration page. Load the pages on the tray and align them correctly. Press the resume button of the printer and wait until the lamp blinks 15 times. The user will get the configuration printout. Take the printout and check the network name and the status. When the details are correct then the user has to check for the connected devices. Open the device and install the driver. After installation, users can take the printouts using a network connection.

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Installing the printer driver on the system

For taking the printouts, the user will require a driver. Without this driver; the printer won’t work. It transfers the command to your printer. The user will get the driver in a CD with his printer. For devices with disc drivers, insert the CD and copy the setup. On other devices, open the website of your printer model and then search for a driver. Download the setup on the system. Run the driver setup for installation. Now open the document and try to give the print command. You will see the printer’s list; click on your printer. Check the pages and take the printouts.

Canon mg3600 how to connect to wifi using standard Connection method?

When the router doesn’t support WPS then you can connect the printer using the standard method. Users have to run the driver setup. 

  1. Run your setup on the device 
  2. On the initial screen; tap on the Next button
  3. Users will see the connection type screen
  4. Choose Wireless connection
  5. Check the power lamp of the printer
  6. On the wireless connection; tap on Connect to the network option
  7. You will see a connection screen; choose the cableless setup icon
  8. While connecting the printer; the network may get disabled for few seconds
  9. When you press the Next option and location screen will be displayed
  10. Choose the current region and country
  11. Select the preferred language
  12. EULA page will appear on the desktop

Read the agreement carefully and tap on the Yes button. Setup completion screen will appear and it will show the Model name of the printer and SSID of the network. If both of the details are correct then your printer is successful and gets connected to the network. Try to take a test printout using network printing. When the printer is showing errors with network printing; check for professional help.

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