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How Fitness Club Software Manage Multiple Services of Clubs?

Smith Morkel

Fitness clubs offer multiple fitness classes. There are different weekly and daily classes within the club. If you don’t know what you have to do in the gym personal trainers are available for your guidance. To provide you some time away from machines and manual exercise they offer you a pool. Swimming is also a very effective exercise for our mind and body. There is the availability of constant guidance on nutrition for a balanced lifestyle. Fitness clubs offer sports facilities like squash, table tennis, and badminton. After a lot of exertion members need relaxation and this relaxation is available in the form of a spa. There is a streamline of services that fitness clubs are offering. To manage a streamline of services Fitness Club Management Software is needed. These multiple services need proper attention and manually it is not as such possible.

If you manage it manually you have to hire separate managers and administrative staff for each department. It is also efficient but ultimately increases your labour cost.  Software is not only money-saving but it can also manage your club’s operation.

This software helps the club and its associated services to manage clients efficiently. It also manages appointments of clients, billings, payments, sales, and other aspects of a business. For a clear view of the functioning of the software, it is important to know the features of the software.

All in One Features of Fitness Club Software:

·        Manage Your Members:

Whether you have one club or dealing with multiple fitness clubs. This centralized software will allow you to edit and save records of your members. No need to find files when you want to upgrade or downgrade members. Just search the name of the member and the software will provide you with his complete information.

·        Management of Members Reservations:

When members apply for reservations through software. You can confirm their reservations easily through this software. You can also keep cancelled appointments on hold to deal with them later. To remind you of on hold tasks this software send you a notification after a certain period which you have set for notification.

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·        Rescheduling:

It is easy to reschedule the appointment for your clients via Fitness Club Management Software. This software sends them details of the new appointment not only via email and SMS but also personally inform them on their given social media accounts.

·        Timekeeping of Staff:

Wastage of almost 140 hours of managers per month has been eliminated by this software. Create an employee scheduling template only for the first time. After that, you can make changes to that format of schedules. If due to emergency any employee failed to be present on duty timings. For urgent replacement, this software shortlist names for you suitable candidates and select the most suitable candidate.

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This software offers different payment methods and to give clients access to other payment methods integration of this software with other payment methods is smooth. Clients can make payments through plastic money, stripe, PayPal, wire transfer, cash, or online form.

·        Promotions:

You can offer discounts and gift cards to customers via a loyalty program. It also sends a notification regarding promo codes and vouchers to clients by sending them emails, texts, and personal messages on their social media accounts. It also promotes promotions of clubs on their social media pages by automatically posting related posts.

·        Reports:

A Software to Manage Fitness Club create reports and provide you with information on your employee performance, sales performance, members details, and finance figures which gives you a clear idea about your fitness club. The purpose of these reports is to facilitate the growth of your business and to highlight the factors which need your attention to flourish.

·        Member Access:

Club management software is user friendly and is supported by almost all types of devices which give members easy access to the fitness clubs. Even members can mark their attendance through mobile phones by fingerprint or barcode scanning.

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·        Social Forums for Members:

This software integrates itself with the social forms of your fitness club. Clients can access these social forms through your website or app and get a chance to connect with different members. It is also a chance to have fitness tips from fitness experts. It is a chance of being social not only in the club but also outside a club with people from different cities, countries, and race.

Wrapping Up:

To manage a range of services provided by fitness clubs needs efficient management because all these services have a huge impact on an individual’s physical and mental health.

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