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Head Studs & Fasteners – Ford 7.3L Power stroke

Shamaila Yousaf

When does the 7.3 Power stroke need ARP head studs? A general rule is around the 500hp mark or with hybrid injectors at 238cc and above you should consider installing head studs. What’s the best way to prevent blown head gaskets? The first step and only step in prevention are install ARP head studs in place of the factory head bolts .

Arp Fasteners are the leader in head studs in the diesel performance industry. 7.3 head studs can prevent or eliminate head gasket failures in high performance or high horsepower engines. If you use the factory head gaskets with these studs you can run up to 750 hp+ with proper installation. What are head studs? 7.3 Head studs are a much stronger solution to the factory head bolts. They are threaded on each end and are made from much strong chromoly hardened steel.

The factory head bolts hold up find up to around 450hp then they will stretch allowing cylinder gasses to escape past the head gaskets. That escaped gas causes a “blown head gasket” which once it’s been damage it can’t be repair without removing the head and installing new gaskets. Head studs can be installed in the place of the head bolts one at a time (if the heads aren’t disturbed) and increase the head clamping force substantially. Head studs don’t stretch like the factory head bolts therefore can stand much more pressure. A great upgrade for high power. Head studs are recommended with stage 3 injectors or above.

Designed for the 7.3 Engine

Comes with washers

Made from Chrome moly hardened steel

Comes with 12 point stud nuts

ARP created these heavy duty head studs to help overcome head gasket failures that can occur in Ford 7.3L Power stroke Diesel engines.

To overcome head gasket failures that can occur in diesel engines employed in truck and RV applications, industry leader ARP has introduced extra heavy-duty head studs for the popular Ford, Dodge and GM powerplants. These ARP studs are rated at 220,000 psi tensile strength, and provide the clamping force required to keep cylinder heads from lifting due to higher combustion pressures.


 The studs are manufactured in ARP’s Santa Paula, CA plant from proprietary ARP 2000 material, with threads rolled after heat-treat to provide optimum fatigue strength. They are centerless  ground to assure perfect concentricity. The ends of the studs are broached to facilitate easy installation. This feature also enables the cylinder head to be removed in tight quarters. Also included in each kit are heat-treated, chrome-moly steel 12-point nuts and parallel-ground washers. They are black oxide finished for extra durability.

ARP 2000 Material

220,000 psi tensile strength

Threads rolled after heat treatment

Chrome moly 12 point nuts and parallel ground washers

Want more Lube? Check out our ARP Ford 7.3L Head Stud/Lube combo at Thoroughbred Diesel

ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant has been specifically designed to reduce tension preload scatter and eliminate the need to cycle high performance engine fasteners before final installation. ARP Ultra-Torque far surpasses all requirements offered by previous ARP lubricants in terms of fastener preload repeatability and performance lubricating propertie.

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