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Searching for chemical-free repellent ideas? Read on!

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How to make your house insect-free in a few days? Use these herbal sprays for the best and most sustainable results.

Insects, mosquitoes, termites, lizards, and other creepy crawlies do not come into our homes with any prior warning. They enter quietly but create havoc within the household causing severe damage to different aspects and objects like food items, wooden furniture, people’s health, etc. They carry several diseases and germs around with them and can spread them to the people in the house via food, water, and at times, even air. It is, therefore, extremely important to get rid of them at the earliest before they get a chance to cause any damage. 

The process of getting rid of these insects used to be a tedious one, and at times, caused more harm than help. The number of chemicals and toxins the disinfectants used to have could cause allergies, nosebleeds, rashes, sneeze fits, headaches, etc to the people breathing the same air. The increased need to use herbal and chemical-free insect repellents was high and therefore, Herbal Strategi has come up with a range of different products that would help you achieve your purpose of getting rid of the insects while keeping you and your family members safe and sound.

Repellents for ants – An ant repellent is the need of the hour, particularly during the summer months when we see these little armies of red and black ants marching in a line in the different parts of the house. It is no less than risky to leave any crumbs or food particles fallen on the floor as it takes ants less than a second to gather around and take the food away. 

Choose to equip yourself with ant repellents that work wonders in the summer months. Opting for 100% herbal and chemical-free repellents as an alternative to ones that are filled with harmful toxins would be a better bet health-wise. Chemically induced repellents are also poisonous to human beings. Therefore, do your due diligence and opt for a safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. 

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How to use – It is not tough to identify the places where ants roam or make their ant nests. Use the spray simply by applying it liberally at the places where you see the ants or even at the source. You can also spray it directly on the ant nest. The best time to do so would be to apply the spray at night before sleeping. Repeating this procedure for 5 days will make the ants disappear completely for several months. 

Maintain caution – Even though the spray is safe and not harmful, there are a few points of caution that need to be undertaken.

  • Do not spray on the body or clothes
  • Make sure to not have the spray come in contact with any cuts or wounds
  • Do not keep the fan on while spraying
  • Keep it out of reach from children or fire

Repellents for cockroaches

Another must-have item in any household would be a cockroach repellent. This herbal and chemical-free repellent spray will leave you in amazement and will make your house cockroach-free for more than 4-6 months. Cockroaches usually swarm around the potentially dirty places in the house like – near the dustbin, drains and pipes, kitchen areas, kitchen sinks or cabinets, etc. 

Since cockroaches are not only dirty but they are also the carriers of several harmful diseases that can infect humans too, it gives us all the more reason to identify and get rid of them at the earliest. And what better way to do so than by using a spray that is harmful only to the insects?

How to use – In places where you are most likely to spot a cockroach, or where you have seen one, apply the spray well. You can also use the spray simply as a precautionary measure once a week or so to prevent the entry of any cockroach in the first place. Use the spray at night before sleeping so it would have the time to work its wonders. After using the spray continuously for 10 days, you will find your house cockroach-free. Repeat this process once every 3 months. 

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Maintain caution – While dealing with any liquids that may have a certain amount of toxins or chemicals, even if they are not harmful to humans, it is important to be careful and cautious.

  • Since the spray will be applied close to some kitchen utensils, make sure to wash and rinse them before use
  • Do not apply the spray on the body and clothes
  • Keep it away from cuts, scratches, and wounds
  • Keep the fan off while using the spray
  • Do not let it close to children, fire, or direct sunlight.

How to make your house insect-free in a few days? Use these herbal sprays for the best and most sustainable results.

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