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Homeopathy immunity booster medicine in this Covid-19 crisis

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Homeopathy is a treatment developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1976. This method of treatment can be defined as an alternative system of medicine that is pseoudoscientific. Homeopathy always gives focus to the cause rather than the disease. This approach helps not only in curing the disease, but also aids the body to develop a wall of immunity against the disease, thus making the body immune to the disease causing organism.

Homeopathy is a safe treatment, it is old and effective recognized healthcare system. Both acute and chronic diseases can be treated with the help of homeopathy. It is a natural form of medicine, made up of small amount of minerals, herbs and animal products. Homeopathy treatment is an alternative to antibiotics in infectious diseases with no toxic effects.

Homeopathy is used in a wide variety of diseases like:

  • Allergies
  • Migraines
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Depression

Moreover, it is also used to treat minor diseases like:

  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Toothaches

Homeopathy helps in treating the whole person’s body, long-term diseases and also there are few medical professionals who use homeopathy in their everyday practice.

Benefits of homeopathy:

  • Complete science: Homeopathy is a complete medical science which has clear-cut advantages when compared to the other systems of medicine in curing psychological, pathological and physiological disorders.
  • Homeopathy aims at removing the cause: Homeopath will enquire the cause of the pain and then prescribes the medication for reducing the pain and the cause of that pain. Whereas, the physician will listen to the patient about that pain and prescribes the medication.
  • It is safe and free from side effects:Homeopathy medicines are made of small amounts of naturals, herbs, minerals and animal products which are safe to use and can be used by everyone including pregnant women and babies. As these are free from toxic substances. These medicines have no addiction and no dependence issues associated with it.
  • Improves immunity: Homeopathy focuses on the cause of the disease rather than the disease. Homeopathy works on energizing the immune system. It focuses on finding the allergent or the cause which will make the body react to the substance that is causing the trouble. The homeopathy practitioners would then prescribe the medicines which would release the same allergent or the substance that would cause the allergy or reaction in the person’s body at regular dosage. This will allow the body to build immunity to the particular allergen, and this will improve the body’s resistant to the disease.
  • Effective:  For the treatment of chronic diseases especially, those diseases which keep re-appearing after few weeks, months or a year like migraine, ache, asthama, allergies etc.., Homeopathy is the best treatment. This is because, the method finds the roots of the long-standing disease and treats the same rather than focusing on the cause.
  • Gives lasting relief: Homeopathy treats the roots of the disease that means the approach in homeopathy is that addresses the patient’s physical, emotional and genetically. After a thorough study of the patient’s history regarding any possible cause of the disease. The homeopathy practitioner prescribes the medication depending on the nature of the disease and its cause which gives lasting relief.
  • Low-cost treatment: Homeopathy is very less expensive as they are generic and prepared from natural minerals, herbs, and animal products and the patients of homeopathy require fewer medication, minimal visits to the hospital.
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Homeopathy immunity booster medicine:

Homeopathic immunity booster medicine helps in boosting the immunity system and helps fight varied viruses including the covid-19. This is a three month course of immunity booster medicine without any side effects and can be taken by anyone including diabetes patients. Immunity booster medicine helps in increasing immunity which secures the body from harmful substances, germs and cells that could make you ill.

Few simple tips to improve your immunity:

  1. Have a healthy diet
  2. Avoid stress
  3. Drink a lot of water
  4. Avoid alcohol and smoking
  5. Sleep six to eight hours every day
  6. Workout regularly

Homeopathy is a field of the machine which has no side effects on the people who use it. As homeopathy treats the cause of the disease rather than the disease itself and it successfully helped prevent epidemics that stuck humanity before, we can use it to fight covid as well. so recently Dr. Care Homeopathy group launched homeopathy immunity booster medicine and it affects and cures the immunity system to fight outside antibodies.

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