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The Future of Job Hunting: 6 Job Trends to Watch Out For

Bhuwanesh Bhatt

While most of us got our career predictions wrong for 2020; credits to the pandemic, we are hoping 2021 looks radically different. Most of us felt the discomfort due to COVID-19 – financially, physically, or mentally, and some of us are still trying to adjust per the new normal. However, some changes were impactful enough to redesign the way we work in the coming years.

1. Social Media Recruitment

Social media is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to networking. In recent year, social media platforms have gained popularity for professional networking as well. We all know how important it is to have an updated profile on LinkedIn to accelerate your job search. With 260 million active users on LinkedIn, it has become one of the biggest platforms for job seekers to grab the chance of landing on their dream job.

Amid pandemic, where all are recruiting the ideal candidates virtually, social media platforms apart from LinkedIn, such as Facebook and Twitter have also gained a lot of popularity and it is likely to stay for some more time as well. Looking at the scenario, it is advised to keep all your professional information updated on your social media platforms and join relevant groups and communities to land on a job faster.

2. Remote Work Capability

As most of us have adjusted per the new norm now, employers are ready to extend the work-from-home for employees. Social life tied to work life can cause trouble to some, however, remote work is going to stay at least for some more time. Studies prove how flexible working environment can help people maintain a better work-life balance and boost productivity. Also, escaping from the hassle of daily commute helps employees save time and stay focused. Many companies understand this and would like the employees to work from remote locations.

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3. Changing Careers is Ok

It is one of the best times to change careers and companies won’t question you for it. With a massive increase in layoffs across the globe due to the pandemic, employees are willing to switch to different career options. If you are keen to switch to a new profession, this might be the right time to do so. If you are currently out of job, you may also take up a course to meet the job requirements.

4. Multiple Skill Sets is Welcome

Keep learning. Employers are looking for candidates that can handle different tasks simultaneously and adapt per the needs of the changing work environment. Amid the pandemic and shaken economies, the employers prefer job seekers that are skilled in different tasks. So, make the most of the time and get enrolled in different courses and trainings to land on a job faster.

5. Say yes to contractual jobs

Companies are more driven towards a contractual workforce than full-time. Recession being the talk of 2019, more companies switched to contractual jobs to avoid expenses related to real estate, facilities, and medical insurance. To keep the workforce expenses under control, contractual jobs seem to be the right option for companies.

6. Work-Life Balance will be given importance

Remote work helps employees to maintain a better work-life balance. It helps in boosting productivity and providing job satisfaction. Looking at the growing trends of the current employment, work-from-home, health insurance, and a blend of work and personal life will be given more importance by employees than just monetary incentives.

The Bottom Line Is

Recruiters are looking for employees that can adjust to the evolving environment and hit the ground running. The job sector is more competitive than ever and it is important to stay up-to-date with the required skills to land a job faster. Make the best of these changing job trends and turn it into your favor.

Bhuwanesh Bhatt

Bhuwanesh Bhatt is currently serving as an SEO Director at Job Nexus - a professional resume writing, editing, and distribution service provider that helps job seekers meet their potential recruiters.

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