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Key elements that you need to focus on while designing a brochure!

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Ever since the inception of digitalization which occurred after the invention of computers and the discovery of the internet, this digital medium has experienced such meteoric rise. If we think about it, the ease in human life that has come as a result of these rapid technological advances is literally unprecedented.

Marketing on the other hand has also evolved and to have a maximum impact organization’s now have to strategically plan and optimally design their marketing materials. This is where professionals and experienced individuals such as strategy planners, brochure designers, marketing managers, and many more have a very important role to play.

Why printed materials are still important in this digital day & age:

With this growing popularity of the digital realm, especially social media, organizations these days are putting all their efforts behind solidifying their online presence. Most of the marketing strategies these days only tend to focus on digital marketing and advertising through TV or radio. Amongst all of this the medium of print looks like is losing its weight in terms of its popularity, its importance however still remains the same.

Now marketing materials such as brochures, banners, leaflets, even letterheads are not just limited to the medium of print. In fact, if used the right way they can be added as an extra element in your overall digital design as well. These replacements even in the digital realm are still now where to be found.

These elements provide the marketers a perfect space to highlight things about a particular product or service that a consumer might be influenced with ultimately helping him/her finalizing the decision. These elements can also be placed anywhere on webpages and never for a second would they look out of place.

Even in the real world as well the attention-grabbing ability that these elements have is just simply outstanding. You can provide detailed information about your product and if they are designed the right way the reader will surely be enticed to read more. Brochures, for instance, a plethora of information can be stemmed in one piece of paper and professional brochure designers will make sure that the design is friendly enough for the readers to have a maximum impact.

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A few design elements brochure designers need to focus on while designing:

Decide your folds carefully:

This is the most fundamental part of any optimal brochure design that all brochure designers should take into consideration while designing. The initial step every time should be to decide the shape, size, medium, and folds that your brochure is going to have.

These brochures printing tactical properties contribute to enhancing the final look the of design that has been chosen along with other elements such as typography, imagery, color combination, etc.

Types of the fold:

There are many ways a brochure can be folded with and the fold should be chosen according to the content, number of pictures, and the size of the font your brochure will carry. The following are the ways in which a brochure can be folded:


Three panels, front, and back. Can be stacked vertically or horizontally as well and can be printed on common paper sizes such as 8.5×11 inches(A4) or 11×17 inches (A3).

Half Fold:

Perfect for a brochure that has loads of information and requires multiple pages. Will look like a mini booklet with a front, back, and inside spread.


These are brochures with intricately cut-out panels, shapes, and styles. These are often printed on thick stock and come in various sizes. Since they have multiple cut elements which means that at least one part of the brochure is not rectangular.

Multi Pages:

This will make the brochure feel like a mini booklet but if the information is necessary then there is no harm in adding more pages. These are available in standard sizes of A4 and might require some binding at times.


Traditionally brochures are always imagined as rectangular, however, square brochures are also gaining a lot of momentum because of their usage online. Square brochures however often require a custom paper size making it a bit expensive but the final result might be worth it.

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Friendly for the digital space as well:

As we have already discussed marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets, banners and many more are not just for print anymore and they can be perfectly placed anywhere around your digital presence. While design brochures make sure that the final design has a shareable digital file as well.

Another great thing about brochure printing is that it allows the brochure designers a lot of creative freedom to work with. Not only in terms of its initial design but post design as well. They can get creative by using textures and color combinations to give a flashier effect.

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