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Choose The Best Plumber For Your Residential And Commercial Property

Lauren Bracy

Plumbing is an important service that controls the daily issues with the pipes and water outlets in a residential or commercial property. The very thought of calling a plumber for installation or repair work is a challenging task, as you need to assess the quality of the service provider first before hiring. DIY is never the ideal solution for plumbing issues. You will think that there is only a small leak and you can repair it yourself. Little do you realise that there is some big leakage underground that you won’t be able to detect until there is some major problem. To learn about the ways by which you can choose the correct technician and stay tension-free.

  • Training and Experience

The job of a plumber requires practical execution and skills. Theoretical knowledge is necessary to do the practical work. But the work quality cannot improve unless the technician is regularly handling various problems of the plumbing systems and learns the work through practical situations. The practical projects not only give the opportunity to learn the work but also to gather experience, which helps to detect the glitches easily after a few years of service. A trusted plumbing technician will have a long list of good reviews online to verify the credibility. The longer a company or an individual is serving in the industry, the better the chances of delivering quality work.

  • Accreditations and Licence

The plumber must hold proper work licence and accreditation to do the job, and you need to verify the licence. Before making the initial call, search online for the contractor and check the online reviews. Positive reviews should be more in number to shortlist the company’s name. Negative claims and regular complains from the customers show poor service quality and lack of dedication in the service.

  • Professionalism

To assess professionalism, you need to notice a few points.

  • Check the response time. Is the customer service desk prompt in answering your call? If the reply to the email is prompt too, you can proceed for further discussion.
  • Availability of the plumber should be round the clock, as plumbing issues may occur at the middle of the night. You need the technician to arrive at the soonest before your house becomes a swimming pool.
  • The communication from the company must be accurate and honest to avoid any controversies.
  • Affordability
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Various plumbing contractors charge different amounts for the same job. When you are installing a new plumbing system or need a major repair, you should not start filtering the options based on the cheapest options available. You might invest a moderate amount now, but the quality of work can be so poor that you need to re-invest more money soon for repair.

An expensive plumber is not always the best one too. Some reputed technicians increase their service charge to show that they are in demand. So look out for the standard charges of the contractors. But if you feel you are ready to invest a good amount to ensure excellent work quality, hire the costly contractor.

  • Warranty for Work

A quality plumber will always provide a warranty for the work. You have to understand that once you are investing for the installation using the best materials, the plumbing system should work smoothly for a minimum period. If glitches occur within the warranty period, you might get free servicing and replacement of parts.


Make sure you keep the above pointers in mind while opting for an efficient and trustworthy plumber for your house or office.

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