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Sushant Sharma
Right from our childhood, we have been taught that the sun is the ultimate source of energy for all living creatures on Earth. Every creature, whether big or small, derives its energy from this massive source of energy. Just like humans, plants too need sunlight for their growth. Despite their huge dependency on sunlight, there are some plants that can manage to grow well despite receiving significantly less sunlight. If you are a plant lover who simply loves to get plants or buy flowers online, we have made a list of interesting plants that can survive in a little sun. So if you have already purchased an enormous bunch of plants and have filled your garden with several pots, you must be worried about where to place the newly purchased plants. In that case, you can follow our list of few plants which require very low amounts of light and thus can be placed even in the darkest corners of your house.


Belonging to the genus of monocot flowering plants, The Bromeliaceae are native to the American region. Some species are found in the tropical west as well. They thrive well in low sunlight. Thus they can grow well in diffused sunlight as well. These plants start scorching when exposed to the sun for longer durations. 


Belonging to the Arum family of flowering plants, Aglaonema is also called Chinese evergreen. They belong to the tropical areas of Asia. This plant has colorful, vibrant, and strikingly patterned leaves. They are perfectly suited to a dark environment. You may place them in an area that receives dim light. 


Native to Taiwan, the Aspidistra Elatior is also called the Bar room plant. These plants shall be kept away from direct sunlight as direct exposure to the hot sun would result in the leaves getting burnt. You may place it somewhere away from well-lit windows or keep them near a window that is North facing. 

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A list of indoor plant shopping online will always have the name Dracaena at its top because of its very little requirements of water. While placing the plant indoors, you must remember to keep it in a dark corner with dim light. You must water this plant after 8-9 days when the topsoil appears to get dried up. 


Dieffenbachia, or the Dumb plant, is a tropical flowering plant that is native to subtropical regions of Mexico and Argentina. Filtered sunlight or a partially shady corner is best suited for the Dumb Cane. These plants are popular for the unique patterns on their leaves. 


Known by various other names such as Ivy, European Ivy, or English IvyIvy, The hedera helix is native to western Asia and Europe. 

It has beautiful flowers which are greenish-white or yellow and green in color. This plant is known for its incredible adaptive abilities. These are popular ornamental plants that require very little sunlight. 


Maidenhair fern or the Adiantum is one of the 250 different species of ferns. They trace their origin from East Asia and Western North America. They can be a graceful addition to your collection of indoor plants. It is really very easy to take care of these plants. Just ensure that you plant them carefully in well-drained soil. They require very less sunlight as compared to other indoor plants. 


Calathea Makayona or the cathedral windows are popularly called the peacock plant. Belonging to Eastern Brazil, these plants come across a wide variety of attractive foliage. They require optimum amounts of humidity for their growth. You may use rainwater or distilled water for these plants. Its leaves are a combination of dark green and pale green. It requires only a medium amount of light. 
If you are searching for something that touches your heart, something you would like to invest your time in, then you must not waste any time further. Start spending your time plants, and you will feel a surge of happiness within yourself. You can take a walk to the nearest plant care nursery or order flowers online and start building your hobby of getting into plant care by choosing some plants that are easy to grow.

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