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Why Should You Choose Vanuatu For Your Second Citizenship

Mathew Robert

Vanuatu is a peaceful nation which is comprised of a tropical chain of 83 islands. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The vibrant and culturally diverse nation welcomes tourists from all around the world.

But Vanuatu is not just an attractive location, but it is a hub for global investors. The quick and inexpensive Vanuatu citizenship programs provide a good opportunity for investors around the world to get the second citizenship of this peaceful nation.

This Vanuatu citizenship investment program provides a second passport. You will get the opportunity to stay in a peaceful nation, you can enjoy peace of mind, wealth protection, and the opportunity to earn more. Let’s find out in detail about second citizenship in Vanuatu.

Why Vanuatu? 

Usually, people select Vanuatu for second citizenship in global mobility. The Vanuatu passport holders can travel around 125 countries and they do not need a visa. Well, some countries offer visas on arrival. The Vanuatu citizenship holder can travel to the UK, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, and various countries of Europe.

The Vanuatu passport can make the life of citizenship holders amazing and they will get more opportunities to move to different parts of the world. Usually, business owners have to move to various parts of the world for meetings and various other purposes. 

Sometimes, they plan to travel across boundaries in the last few minutes and they find it very difficult to complete the documentation process in the last few minutes. But if the business owners have a Vanuatu passport, then you can easily travel to different parts of the nation without doing any paperwork.

Ideal Second Home 

The Vanuatu citizenship holders will not just get travel benefits, but there are so many other advantages of this second citizenship. The second citizenship of Vanuatu is more than a second passport for business owners. They can settle down in this peaceful country and call it their second home. 

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They can either plan complete relocation or settle down here in the future. If you are interested in this program, then you should get acquainted with Vanuatu citizenship requirements.

Vanuatu is a nation with diverse cultures and citizens with different backgrounds. They can easily speak more than 100 languages like English, French, Bislama, etc.

Perfect For Your Business

The favorable tax legislation of this country will let you grow your business without any restrictions. This nation is tax-free, except for customs tax and VAT.

It means both international and domestic clients will not have to pay corporation tax. It means that business owners can enjoy the capital gain.

Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program 

If you want to get second citizenship in Vanuatu, then you should invest in the Vanuatu citizenship investment program. This program is endorsed by the government of Vanuatu.

It means that potential investors can invest in the program and they do not need to worry about anything. It is a reliable and legitimate state-backed program.

Investment Requirements

The Vanuatu citizenship investment program is affordable, especially for families. If you want to get the second citizenship of Vanuatu, then you should know the Vanuatu citizenship requirements. You have to invest USD 210,000 into this Development Support Program. 

This amount is for single-person citizenship. On the other hand, if you want citizenship for the entire family, then you have to invest USD 240,000. It is applicable for a spouse, kids under the age of 18, dependent kids under the age of 25, parents dependent on you over the age of 65.  

Now, Vanuatu is also supporting payment through bitcoin. It is a very simple process and the Vanuatu government has established a line of communication so that the investors can make payment without any fuss.

This citizenship program is not just for the individual, but it is for the entire family. This program is valuable for the entire family. You just need to spend USD 60,000 per passport.

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The Vanuatu Citizenship Programme is different from others because it is very fast. You can easily get your new passport in just 45 to 60 days. In addition to this, the application process is very much simple.

To get this second citizenship, you do not need to visit Vanuatu for taking Oath. You can contact the global nominate office to take the oath. Well, you do not need to visit Island because your application will be processed from any place.

Eligibility Need And Requirement

Vanuatu second citizenship is good in all terms such as cost, speed, and high value. But it is important to determine the Vanuatu second citizenship investment eligibility requirements. But what are the eligibility requirements?

The citizenship by investment program for Vanuatu is suitable for investors. There are so many Vanuatu citizenship benefits and the investors can enjoy these. B

ut it is certainly not limited in that way. If you are above 18 years and you have a clean criminal record, then you can invest in this program and earn a citizen of Vanuatu.

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