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Ukraine: Russia Executed Civilians in the Town of Bucha

mass graves

Russia is being accused for horrifying crimes in Ukraine. They have executed civilians in the town of Bucha. 20 dead bodies were found in a single street in the town.

In the town of Bucha people were found dead on the steets and the Ukrainian governtment is accuring Russia of doing the crime, however, Russia is calling the report “fake”. Read: Russia denies killing civilians in Bucha, but acknowledges a pullback of forces.

The CNN images counted at least 20 bodies lying on a single street in Bucha. This brutality against civilians is not being simply let go by the Ukrainians or NATO and the secretary general said that this has not been seen in Europe for decades. Zelenskyy’s words, “evil will be punished”

Russia Executed Civilians

There are mounting evidence of war crimes near Kyiv as well. Over 300 civilians were found buried in mass graves in Bucha.

Near the southern port city of Odesa a fuel depot was found burning after the Ukrainian officials said Russian airstrikes have hit critical infrastructures. According to the the Ukrainina deputy PM, evacuation buses will try to get to Mariupol today.

The cheif negotiator of Russia is denying reports that peace talks were at an advanced enough stage to allow for direct talks between the two nations at war. Amid all this the number of people leaving the country of Ukraine is increasing. Over 10.5 million people have been displaced by this horrible war for more land and power.

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