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How Long Should You Stand at Your Desk?

Subhash Chandra

Early study shows that there are plenty of benefits of standing compared to sitting at an office desk. According to health experts sitting at your desk all day are bad for your health and they have long been advising people to stand at their work place for about 15 min an hour. sit stand desk converter has become very popular because these adjustable desk suits many different places. It also allows your body move and adjust easily flexing your muscles continuously.

Using advanced health risk calculations, a professor Mr. Jack Callaghan has found that the ideal sit- stand- ratio lies somewhere between 1:1 and 1:3. There is no doubt a sedentary lifestyle can impacts negatively on health. And it also becomes a major issue of back pain and joints problem.

Any idea, how much time people should stand at a standing disk? Here we look at the research behind the risk of prolonged sitting and provide some standing desk practices to help you out.

What Is Better To Sit or Stand At Workplace?

Sitting for long period of time can increases the risk of developing chronic health problems. Similarly lying down too much can also cause high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, abnormal cholesterol levels and heart disease.

Many employees spend around 8 hours sitting at their desk and then drive car to reach home and their they also use to sit on couch and again lie down to bed for another 8 hour. And this sedentary lifestyle brings many health problems.

According to study it is found that people who sit around eight hours in a day at their workplace had a risk of dying similar to those people who suffering from smoking and obesity. According to health experts, we all need to be physical active in between 60 to 75 minutes to reduce the effects of too much sitting.

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To take care of their employee’s health, many workplaces have introduced electric height adjustable desk so that their workers don’t need to spend entire time seated in an office chair. Because standing at a time can burn the numbers of calories which may lead to weight loss and increased energy level. Also these standing desks helps to reduce the stress level, increase productivity and improve mood.

Risk of Standing Too Long In a Day

Do you ever think about standing all day? Is it okay to stand for long time? The researchers say, no standing too long has its own risk factors that badly impacts on your health. Excess standing also can result in inflammation of the veins and joints of spine, hips and knees can become temporarily immobilized.

It is not easy to stand their feet and work all day. Too much standing can promote varicose veins, problems with leg muscles and lower back pain.

A study found that standing for too long can causes discomfort and can even reduce reaction sometimes. However, standing has its various benefits but excess level can create problem too.

Take a Seat Regularly At Work

For those people who have the choice of both sitting and standing to work, they should go for both. Research shows that the ideal ratio for living a healthy lifestyle is to spend around one hour standing each one to two hour of sitting.

You can also take help of best standing desk which make it possible for workers to adjust the height of their adjustable desk multiple times each day. Just push one electric button and move the desk to the right height quickly and easily.

So don’t spend the whole day standing or sitting but regularly switch it up and not forget to take short breaks.

Subhash Chandra

Purpleark is a sit-stand desk company providing healthy office desks to individuals/employees.We offer various innovative sit-stand desks for a healthy home and office environment.

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