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DesignCap: Create appealing images.

Angelina Phil

If you are looking to a rudimentary way of graphic designing without Photoshop, you are in the right place. Will Design Cap graphic design tool helps you ?

Let’s check out one of the best online design website – Design Cap graphic design tool which provides you with everything you need and what you don’t need from the tools to get fantastic results even if you are someone who does not have any skills in the field of Design Cap graphic design tool.

It is effortless to use.

When considering designing or customizing images, the first suggestion is always Photoshop since it’s the most common way to perform any photo-related assignment, but for a novice, Photoshop would not be your primary choice tool. There are many options and tools that are included in it and the difficulty in dealing with the user interface, where you will need to take an educational course to reach satisfactory results in image editing.

Fortunately, there were a lot of developers working on this issue and providing a comfortable environment for image editing. I am talking here about online tools that do not require the user to download a program or application on his computer to access them – instead, starting from the web browser.

In this platform, you will find a huge number of smart tools that help you get the best results possible without requiring any skills or a lot of time. So, here is our review of what we saw on DesignCap.

What is Design Cap Graphic Design tool ?

DesignCap is an online graphic design tool, something like Canva. This site is built on HTML5 language, which makes it smooth and provides more intelligent tools for graphic design, and it is also easy to use due to the simplicity of the main interface and the quick control of the tools included. You can create stunning graphics and templates for your social media accounts like Facebook Cover. Such things, which can reach the same result within minutes with it. It’s worth your experience if you are looking for a straightforward and useful graphic-editing tool.

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It provides a wide range of ready-made templates that are professionally designed for invitations, cards, infographics, and more. It includes hundreds of creative fonts and countless stickers.

How does DesignCap work for you?

It is worth noting that DesignCap offers a ready-made template store with which you can browse hundreds of customizable designs to suit you. On the left bar, you will find all the categories covered by the site from examples of the covers of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, even the brochures, invitation cards, etc. Just select any template you need and then click the Customize button to go to the editing page, where you can modify every element of the design until the download the works.

In the edit panel, you will find all the tools you will need to design photos and create professional artwork easily. It would be nice to use your own photos too. There are some options to make them more suitable as a greeting card background or something like that.

You can also add a preset background if you like. Besides providing a vast amount of elements that fit any idea you work on to decorate the image, browse the contents of the Element tab and you will discover for yourself very cool icons. Besides, modules and charts would help you manage your text and data better.

After completing the design, the artwork is ready for export. You can press the Save button above the canvas where you specify the name of the design as well as the format, either JPG or PNG and the wonderful that there is also an option to download the image in PDF format. Also, it allows you to share your projects with your friends and let them join it.


I have to say that DesignCap is not a powerful tool like Adobe Photoshop, and the point or aim of this article is not to call for being wholly dispensed with. But DesignCap, as an online graphic editing tool, is a useful online photo design website due to its versatility in performing tasks that sometimes require Photoshop input. However, depending on this website, you will get satisfying results, no doubt, especially if you are not good at designing. As for our experience with DesignCap, it was fun and didn’t take long until we got a great picture ready to download.

Angelina Phil

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