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Top 5 Trending Meme Sharing Apps of 2022

Samantha Green

! Check out 9GAG, Memetic, Meme Factory, Meme Generator, and Memetic Animator! After downloading them, you’ll want to use them immediately! You can also find other related apps on the App Store!

Meme-sharing apps are very popular nowadays, but which ones are the best? I’ve rounded up five of the best to make you a viral sensation! Check out 9GAG, Memetic, Meme Factory, Meme Generator, and Memetic Animator! After downloading them, you’ll want to use them immediately! You can also find other related apps on the App Store!


Look no further if you’re looking for the best meme-sharing app on your phone. 9GAG’s Meme Creator app will help you create hilarious memes for your friends and followers. The app offers an extensive collection of Memes, Stock Photos, and Tenor Gifs for you to choose from. It even offers an image editor with a live preview mode. The paid version even offers watermark-free image storage.

Memes are not only hilarious. They can be viral. Memes can be anything and can make you famous overnight. Memes can be pictures, videos, GIFs, or even collages. It is easy to create and share them on 9GAG, and you can also download them to share with your friends. Another popular meme maker app is Memantic, which has over 10 million users. The app also has filters that allow you to block certain images or videos from appearing on your profile page.

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If you’re looking for an app that makes sharing and creating memes easier and more fun, you should consider trying out The Onion. This American digital media company publishes comical news reports on national and international events. They even produce a print version for their fans. As one of the top meme-sharing apps of all time, The Onion will make you laugh.

The free version of Memeetic lets you create and share memes without complex editing tools. It offers many text options, including a cat, face, or funny quote. The paid version unlocks additional features, including the ability to remove the watermark. The app also boasts a large community. Sharing your memes on Twitter, Facebook, or other social networks is easy.

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Meme Factory

Meme Factory is one of the most popular meme-sharing apps of 2022. The app makes it easy to create and share memes. It features a wide array of templates and different effects for your texts. You can change your text’s size, font, color, and style to make your creations unique and stand out. This app is available for iOS only for now, but an Android version is expected soon.

There are many different formats to use to create your meme. The most common format is the 2000s-style meme. Memedroid has hundreds of pop-culture references. You can even create your template or format to add to your gallery. Memes have many different formats to match your preferences. And you can add your images. Adding a video to a meme is easy too!

Meme Generator

While Instagram is not explicitly designed as a meme-sharing app, the company’s staggering 1 billion active users have made it a natural choice for the genre. Meme seekers will appreciate the app’s robust design, allowing them to find and download their favorite images. The app even has a hashtag filter that lets users quickly narrow their choices to optimum options. Users can even save their creations to their phones.

Another free app is Mematic. This app is an excellent tool for creating your memes, as it lets you preview and shortlist the best creations to share. The app also features a well-stocked meme library. The app also lets users export meme templates from their device, a great feature for mobile-device owners. While the application is free to use, it does not offer in-app purchases or other hassles.


If you’re looking for an app to help you make memes, you’ve come to the right place. LiveMeme is one of the best apps for this purpose, thanks to its simple yet powerful editing tools. This application allows you to add text and images to your memes and even animate them using AI. You’ll need a stable internet connection to make the most of this app.

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You’ll need to sign up or create an account to create a meme. Once you’ve done that, the app will create a template for you. Type in the text you want to use and then click “Add Image.” Alternatively, you can upload your image. Once you’ve completed your meme, you’ll need to post it to Reddit.

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