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Why Are Drop Shipping Services Getting Widely Popular?

Drop Shipping Services
Angelina Phil
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Drop shipping is when a company purchases products directly from a shipper and then sells the products to a customer without the customer knowing where the product originated from. Usually, customers do not know whom they are dealing with.

In the age of the internet, businesses built around drop shipments have become wildly popular. Find the drop shipping service providers for your business who also offer good kitting services for your products and deliver them to the destination. 

Drop Shipping Services is Good for New Business Owners

The ability to start a business where you don’t have to invest in a storefront or the up-front costs of inventory is appealing to those looking to get away from working for others or just supplement their income. The first step in starting a business built around drop shipments is picking your niche.

drop shipping services

When choosing your niche, it’s smart to think small, not in your final ambition, but in how you start. Instead of trying to sell every type, start with a single type – men’s boots or ladies’ sandals, for example. As the business grows, you can add more and more products to your store, but this allows you to grow with your customers instead of trying to appeal to every customer at once.

It also means that you’ll avoid competing against the bigger stores selling your products until much later after you’ve established a loyal customer base. After you’ve decided on your niche, make sure to secure a website with an easy to use the shopping cart and decide where you’ll get your products from.

Also, don’t forget to decide on a shipping method. The products that you sell will influence this as shoes, jewelry, and other small products can make use of shipping options like FedEx and UPS, while larger products like exercise equipment will require a more commercial shipping option for your drop shipments to customers.

No matter what product and shipping methods you choose, the important part is to make sure it’s something that you care about as that will help in the beginning when the going is slow. Grow your business slowly and know what your goal is – income supplement or new career path. Either way, do your best to enjoy it, and good luck as you set out on a new path. 

Below are five reasons why we believe this is a business model you should adopt if you’re considering starting an online venture.

1. Low Startup Costs

In a typical brick and mortar business, you would have to consider the cost of electricity, gas, insurance, rent, water rates, hiring staff, stocking up, etc., and the list goes on. However, with a Drop shipping business, you only have to consider getting a domain name, a web host, a store builder and finding a supplier.

While a brick and mortar business could knock you back several thousands of dollars, you could easily spend as little as a few hundred dollars in setting up your Dropshipping business online.

2. No Inventory to Worry About

Most retailers sell their merchandise below cost price just to move unwanted inventory from their shelves and warehouse to create space for new products. However, with a drop shipping business, you do not need to worry about the stress that unsold merchandise brings. You only pay the manufacturer for an item (may we add at cost price) when a customer buy from you and not before. Sounds nice, we hear you say.

3. Great Profit Margins

Until you step across the line from being a pure consumer to a retailer, you’ll never realize the profit margins retailers make on some of the items they sell. Ask yourself this question. For example- How is it possible that a pair of designer shoes that sold for $299 is suddenly slashed to $67 or less during the Sales period, and the retailer is still able to make a profit? The retailer simply can mark up the price on some of the items they sell.

4. Time to Spend on Marketing

Now you may have the best product in the world but if no one knows about it, then it’s worthless. This, for me, is one of the best benefits of having a drop shipping business. The time to spend on what matters in any business. Attracting and keeping new customers.

5. Quick Exit Strategy

Life happens. For some reason or the other, you might want to move on and close down your drop shipping website. While a normal brick and mortar businessman has a multitude of obligations to fulfill if he wants to sell or close down his business, the exit strategy for an online entrepreneur is fairly straightforward, quick, and could be very rewarding if you’re selling your business.

So, there you have it. Five reasons why I believe the drop-shipping model could be a nice launch pad to begin building your fortune online. There are other things to consider, and I would like to share them with you.

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