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Virtual Kidnapping – The Electronic Kidnapping Spree has Shocked Even the FBI

Virtual kidnapping

Children are being kidnapped without being picked up in minivans and the criminals are already behind bars. This is virtual kidnapping. Read more..

You must be hearing it for the first time but you won’t believe over the past few years thousands of innocent kids have been kidnapped virtually and families have fallen prey to extortion cases while the criminals are still behind bars.

What’s surprising is there are federal agents tailing the parents to the ransom drop-off location, there are no phone calls with demands and most importantly your child has not be picked-up on the way back from school like it always happens in old-fashioned movies. The FBI is stumped.

The crime has been known to the police for over 2 decades now, but recently the FBI has come across a frightening scam that was only prominent in Mexico has  now spread across the United States of America. It’s only a matter of time that we start hearing news about this electronic kidnapping scam from across the globe.

So what the criminals actually do is they do not kidnap anyone but they coerce victims to pay a ransom quickly through deceptions and threats. They are running a scheme every single time they make a call to their victims. And to add to it, the calls are made from prison cells.

According to the FBI, as of today the collective losses are over $87,000 from around 80 victims from California, Minnesota, Idaho and Texas, USA. If you’re wondering how do the criminals get hold of cell phones to make such calls, they bride the guards to acquire them. After they have the phones, they would use the internet to find are codes and telephone dialing prefix and begin their scamming.

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