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Rape – A Mortal Crime

Barbara Mathilda


Rapists don’t have human thinking. They don’t have a human mind, respect for another human. They are selfish, mean, inhuman, and cruel. All they care for is, for themselves.

She kept pleading for mercy, for respect, and to let go, but the rapist didn’t care. He kept applying his male force on her.

Rape story
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

She pushed him hard and beat him and kicked him but he did not stop. She cried for help but there was no one around to hear her cry.

She used all her strength to stop him but the rapist did not. Why would he care, he was a rapist.

He had no respect for women, or another human, he was an animal in human clothing.

After that, he gagged her with a cushion and chocked her to death so that she would not witness against him.

Rape story
Photo by Marco De Waal on Unsplash

He was proud of his act and sneaked away from the room and ran and hid himself to safety, thinking he could never be found.

The next day the body of the girl was found and delivered to her family after all the procedural reports. The police continued with the investigation.

Such a hideous criminal should not getaway. They did all the search and managed to find him and dug him out from his hiding.

He was jailed and a criminal rape case was lodged against him.

She had a father, the only family in the world. He was shattered and broken to shock. A tremendous and painful loss of a daughter.

He would not see his daughter again. She was gone. He cried and cried till his tears dried and he could cry no more.

His family and friends were around to console him and take care of him but nothing can replace the great loss of a child.

Rape Story
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Finally, he gained strength and took the courage to fight for justice for his daughter. He started his RUN for Justice.

At every hearing in the court, he looked at the rapist and swore- he would never forgive him, he would kill him if possible.

He would give him the same pain that his daughter suffered. He would see that he hanged to death. He didn’t deserve mercy at all.

He should be shot. He fumed with anger and cursed him every day.

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But to add to his suffering, the case dragged and dragged. He desperately pleaded for justice, but the court always disappointed him.

Yet he would never give up till Justice was done. He would not even die in peace. He continued his strive for justice, while the rapist tried all possible ways to escape punishment.

By then the father was almost losing hope in the law. He was broken down mentally and physically. He grew tired and remorse.

He lost all his strength. He lost his health, money, and patience. Yet the father would not stop his fight for justice.

Rape Story
Photo by Jane Palash on Unsplash

The rape story case went on for 9 long years.

Then finally one day the case closed. The rapist was to be hanged to death. After hearing the sentence the father fell to the floor and cried and cried thanking GOD.

He could feel the SMILE of his dead daughter. Now she could rest in peace. He managed to gain strength after long and walked home.  

For some days he rested and recovered from all the strain and trouble he went through for 9 years.

But the justice, though delayed, made him come back and want to do something for the victims who were still waiting for justice, or who did not get justice at all.

He formed an NGO with some more people who wanted to support this cause.

He and his NGO helped victims, to keep fighting for justice, and to get these criminals creating more hanged, nothing less. ‘LET JUSTICE PREVAIL’

Rape story

Barbara Mathilda

I am Barbara Mathilda, a lady who walked the earth 60 years in grace. Born and educated in Kolkata, India. I have a very strong Convent School background and professional training in Computer Applications. Worked in very good organizations such as; World Bank, Projects of The American Embassy, Sequoia Capital, CF Italia, Odgers Berndtson and the like.

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