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Genuine NGOs for Women Empowerment in India

Pramit Mitra

NGO is a non-governmental organization or non-profit organization. There are different types of NGOs, businesses friendly NGOs, environmental NGOs and etc. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 genuine NGOs of women empowerment in India.

Swasthya Swaraj:-

It is situated in the Kalahandi district, Odisha. This NGO has organized a community health program called the “Swasthya Swaraj Comprehensive Community Health Programme” based on a tribal community of Thuamul Rampur Bock. This area is an almost underdeveloped and most backward part of Odisha. Even the nearest obstetrics facility is 150km away from this area. Here in the tribal dominant villages, adult illiteracy is 74% and female illiteracy is 95%. These children are mainly poor and malnourished. They are too homely with dejection, deaths, sickness, and deprivation. Though they are available to take every care facility, the absence of literacy and a superstition bound culture to impede them from seeking health care.

The NGO’s focus is to develop health and education in this area. They adopt a unique empowering model to extend their reach. Their health program is also active in 76 nearest villages.

Apna Ghar Asharam:-

Dr. B M Bhardwaj and Dr. Madhuri Bhardwaj established the organization at village Bajhera, Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. 40km away from Agra this NGO is known as “Maa Madhuri Brij Varis Sewa Sadan, Apna Ghar”. They have  31 active branches in different 7 states of India and one in Kathmandu, Nepal where more than prabujis are being served by this organization. Dr. Bharadwaj couple organization is mainly working for hopeless, helpless, homeless destitute people generally they are found in very bad, painful and poor conditions in public places. These persons are been neglected by society’s lack of food, clothing, and water. They are so weak, sometimes they are found infested with maggots.

This “Ashram” rescue those and provide them with medical or surgical treatment, food, cloth at free of cost with the support of society. At their Bharatpur Ashram, they also provide shelter, health care, nutrition to many injured and sick cows, parrots, donkeys, monkeys, dogs, cats, peacock and other birds.

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In 1973, Tom Holland, the Australian consul-general in Bombay founded this organization. At that time this was known as Holland welfare center. It was a daycare center for worker’s children. Sachin Tendulkar has big support to Apnalaya. In 2016, this NGO has got the Guidestar India Gold award as one of the most transparent NGOs. Under 6 years of age, there are 4200 children are guided in the main center of Apnalay’s health care. It is situated in Maharashtra with an aim to empower the slum dwellers of Mumbai by breaking social, economical and political barriers.


It is a Delhi based developmental organization. Since 2005 this NGO is working for an individual’s human right on respect, dignity, and identity in society.  The volunteers have already worked over 4500 individuals on issues of health and social inequities and public concerns through legal advocacy, community outreach, education, and networking. Maitri mainly works by dividing into two divisions – migrant workers and violence against women. They are also promoting dignity and support for derelict widows in Vrindavan.

Genuine NGOs for Women Empowerment in India

ActionAid India:-

ActionAid India is an international non-profit organization. In 1972 Cecil Jackson cole founded this organization on the purpose of reducing poverty and injustice worldwide. There are 22 Gauravi centers all over India. 17 in Uttar Pradesh, 3 in Madhya Pradesh and new once in Tuticorin and in Manipur. 40,000 cases have been registered over molestation, rape, witch branding, domestic violence trafficking victims, minor male victims of sexual harassment, destitute women and women with mental illness.

Ashadeep Mission:-

In 1996, Mukul and Anjana Goswami formed this non-governmental organization. The rehabilitation center of this organization has given training in vocational activities and sports, conventional and special education and therapy to more than 360 individuals suffering from intellectual disabilities and mental illness since 1996. Their main aim is to take care of the mental illness of people through rehabilitation facilities. At that time there was no mental health care center in North East and Assam, so they started to set up all those facilities.

More than 2000 in rural areas of Assam and 1200 individuals in Guwahati have been provided through their Outreach Camps and Outdoor psychiatric clinic. Ashadeep Mission has organized more than 120 orientation and training programs based on mental health for college and school students, Anganwadi workers, policemen, etc.

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The full form of SeSTA is “Seven sisters Development Assistance”. It is a professionally managed non-profit organization.  In 2011 it is founded in Assam to reduce poverty and create an equitable society in Northeast India. PRADAN and Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust have been supporting it from it’s starting. SeSTA has started its first program to improve the livelihood status of rural communities.  The volunteers work with more than 8000 families in almost 100 villages within four districts of Assam: Goalpara, Bongaigaon, Kamrup, and Chirag. This organization has 27 village organizations, 700 women based Self Help Groups and 2 women special SHG Federations.


It is located in Maharashtra, known as “Foundation for Mother and Child Health”. Their programmes are initiated through over, 950 lactating mother and pregnant annually. They are dreaming of a world full of an efficient healthy mother and well-nourished child. FMCH is mainly working on children and women of vulnerable communities of Mumbai. Their programs encourage balanced nutrition, child development and preventive health practices in unprivileged communities.

Majlis Manch:-

It is a public trust, which is headed by a famous women’s activist and advocate Flavia Agnes. In 1991 it is started as a growing need for advocates with a gender view who are engaged to evolve legal practices to defend women’s rights. Their program has been started by providing guidance and legal support to women facing domestic violence on their rights, child, and women victims of sexual harassment at the workplace. Broad categories of Majlis programs are – Training and Awareness, Rahat, Networking, Litigation, Public campaign and policy interventions and research on women’s legal rights.


The full form of MVSS is “Manav Vikas Seva Sangh”, is an official development organization in Madhya Pradesh. Its aim is to create a society based on cooperation, equality, brotherhood, love, justice, and truth. It works with 2772 schools, 507 doctors and 1030 prisoners. MVSS dedicated itself to services to the poor regardless of their religion, creed, caste, and ethnicity.  Presently the volunteers are working over 13 different projects which bring changes to the lives of 18200 households in 8 slums and 84 villages. In the last 24 years, they have already completed more than 65 projects with the help of international and national development support organizations.

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