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Homemade Safety Items

Pramit Mitra

During quarantine, we can make some items at home for our safety. Let’s discuss some homemade items.
The most, important thing is covering your nose and mouth mainly lower chin portion of your face. Wearing a non-surgical mask when you do go out of the grocery store and pharmacy. Lack of surgical masks, N95 respiratory masks, and critical supplies of health workers we can make it in our home very easily.

Here are some of the most popular homemade safety items with instructions on how to make them:


We need one piece of cotton fabric measuring 8 inches × 15 inches.

Fold it and measure 3 inches from every side and mark it, leave a space between two 3 inches to accommodate a filter.

Bring the ends to the center, now cut two pieces of elastic(7 inches), and pin them between the layer of cotton ends of one end of each side of the mask.

Then sew after closing the side ends of the elastics. Press the fabric cotton outside to face outwards. Then it’s ready to be pleated.

To make the pleat mark the fabric by pressing pin from one end of the mask from each side.

Press the pin one after another by measuring 1 and ½ inches alternatively. These pleats are important to cover your nose and mouth.

Then fold the pointed pin marks according to the measures each side, then sew it. Finally, your mask is ready.


We need rubbing alcohol(60%) because rubbing alcohol is also called surgical spirit, aloe vera gel, any essential oil(it is optional).

In a glass bowl take two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol(spirit). To this add one tablespoon of aloe Vera gel and add one drop of essential oil.

Mix them very well then take it in an empty bottle by using a syringe. Finally, the homemade sanitizer is ready.

You can use glycerin or distilled water instead of using aloe vera gel. It may not kill all viruses, it is better to wash your hands with a bar of antimicrobial soap.

But for safety carrying a hand sanitizer is always good specifically in this pandemic situation. Hand sanitizer offers effective protection against coronavirus.

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Homemade Soap

Homemade soap has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It reduces skin infections, pimples and skin rashes also. Take 100gm soap base, neem leaves, lemon leaves, mango leaves, Tulsi, raw turmeric, aloe vera.

In a big bowl add all ingredients one by one and rosewater. Then grind into smooth paste and strain.

Take another bowl with some soap bases and use a double boiler to melt the soap base.

Add the green strain with melted soap and mix it very well and make it a smooth mixture.

Transfer the mixture in a greased container and keep it sunlight. Almost after 6 hours, the homemade antimicrobial soap is ready.

Before eating or after doing anything wash your hands with this soap at least for twenty seconds.

Hand Gloves

First of all, put your hand on paper and draw your handshape with a pencil. Make sure that your fingers are fully extended and the pencil is perpendicular to the table.

Make sure that the finger size isn’t distorted. The space between fingers should be enough and joining should not be a point, it should be a natural curve. Cut the shape from the paper and keep it aside well.

Then take the fabric cloth, fold it(make sure that the stretching directions should be horizontal), and put the cutting shape of the wrong side of the fabric.

If you want you can longer the handline on the fabric part. Then pin it and sew through all over the hand shape border. Sew it very carefully especially in the zig-zag narrow turning area(space between two fingers).

After sewing cut the extra clothes by using a scissor super close to the stitch. Turn the inside out of the gloves. Then the stitches will go inside.

Use these gloves when you go outside and after returning home wash it. Fabric cloth is easy to wash, so we use it.

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Liquid Handwash

Take a big pan, 100gm soap of your choice(would be good if it is antimicrobial), glycerin, water. At first, grate the soap finely by using a grater.

Boil about 1.5 liters of water and turn off the heat. After that immediately add the grated soap into it and stir it continuously to dissolve the soap.

Once the soap dissolves add two tablespoons of glycerin to it. Mix it very well, cover it and leave it for twelve hours.

After twelve hours it has thickened to hand wash consistency. Take an empty hand wash dispenser to fill it with a homemade hand wash.

We can use it for up to two months. Use your homemade liquid hand wash during cleaning your hands.

 Without any necessary do not go outside of your home. If you want to go to the grocery store or pharmacy wear a mask and hand gloves. After returning home sanitize everything, wash your hands, and face very well.

Keep your hand gloves and mask clean(wash it) especially during a pandemic like the covid-19 crisis. Masks, gloves, sanitizers, soaps everything is almost sold out in the market, so following the above procedures make your sanitizer, soap, gloves, mask, liquid hand wash.

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