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The World under SIEGE of (COVID-19)

Barbara Mathilda
  • Deaths and confirmed cases
  • World Health Status
  • Lockdown
  • Impact on the World Economy
  • Is there hope for a vaccine?

The VIRUS continues to spread across the Globe, News tells us that there are more than 300,000 confirmed cases around the world and about 13,000 deaths and still counting. How many more deaths till we discover a vaccine?

More than 150 countries and territories worldwide have been affected by COVID-19, Europe, the USA and Iran are some of the worst-hit countries after China.

China, where it all started, was worse hit, but to some extent, they have succeeded to bring down the number of confirmed cases. They took serious precautionary measures and fought strong. Hence they have some recoveries too. China is now sending Medical help to other countries. In China, Doctors have tried Steroids to treat some patients, though the use of drugs is discouraged.

And many other affected countries are fighting a battle of Health against the VIRUS. Without a solicited treatment, it is a real war against the Virus. As it is very contagious and infectious, it’s difficult to control the spread.

In some countries, the demand for masks and sanitizers grew so much that they were being sold in black. But the governments took strong legal measures to bring the situation under control.

Lockdown: WHO says – Lockdowns, not enough to defeat Coronavirus, instead very serious Public Health measures need to be taken. Practicing Social Distancing is the need of the hour. Of course, Lockdown is a safe measure though.

Most affected cities declared Lockdown. Most countries have shut down their airports, hotels, malls, restaurants, bars, theatres, sports gatherings, Stations and all public places.

More than 80 million Americans remain under Lockdown.  

But as the need for daily utilities cannot be ruled out, many outsources are available. Governments are working hard to make supplies available to their people. The best source is the online shopping facility. Whoever thought of this idea and started ‘Online Shopping’ be blessed! We can get our groceries etc. home-delivered, but with safe hygienic measures.

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The world Economy drops to the decade’s worst downturn:

The OECD said in an update -The global economy was forecasted to grow at 2.9 %, this year but due to the Coronavirus it is now set to grow only 2.4%, the lowest since 2009.

Aviation Industry at a loss of about 160 billion. A significant drop in the market shares of the Hospitality Industry. Fast Food Industry will take a lot of time to recover back to its heights. But Online Shopping Industry is booming!!

A good Gesture: In some countries, people have been very supportive of doctors and medical staff who are out there fighting to help the patients. For some minutes in the evenings, people come out on their balconies and terraces in noise combat trying to applaud their medical soldiers. A wonderful gesture, and example to keep spirits high.

And then on, some more countries have done the same. Countries offer each other help to fight Coronavirus.

More than 70,000 people have recovered, worldwide and hopes are high for more recoveries. So we keep our spirits high and hope for complete recovery.

So far there are no signs of a vaccine, but the search is on and scientists are really working towards it, doing all the possible tests/trials. The creation of a vaccine will take some months.   As it is wisely said, ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions,’ our Scientists will find a vaccine soon, keeping all hopes high.

But till then we need to take typical Flu-like precautions;- try to not touch our nose, eyes, and mouth often. We need to keep washing our hands with soap or sanitizers and keep our household objects and surfaces clean. Above all, we need to avoid contact with people and to avoid crowds. Very dedicatedly to follow WHO precautionary guidelines.

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