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Know the Different Ayurvedic Eye Treatments that can Solve Eye Issues

ayurvedic eye treatment
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There are many advanced ayurvedic eye treatment available. Visit the best ayurvedic hospital and get the proper and effective treatment to cure the eye problem.

The eye is an essential part of our body. It is used more than every organ. We must take care of eye disorder, as it affects our vision and can lead to blindness. Ayurvedic eye treatment helps with the normal treatment of eye problems. If anyone suffering from an eye problem must get proper and effective treatment. Ayurveda portrays a few strong solutions for the treatment of eye illnesses. Ayurvedic ophthalmologists will encourage you on the best way to appropriately focus on it, treat it, and give you a characteristic solution for your eye contamination. Regarding diagnosis and therapy, Ayurveda involves a holistic, comprehensive approach. All forms of ocular disorders are treated using conventional eye treatment procedures. This covers a range of illnesses, eye problems, and vision issues. Ayurvedic Ophthalmologists choose the form of action after carefully reviewing and assessing the precise condition. We select an efficient treatment strategy following this examination. Ayurveda claims that several common visual complaints originate in either an eye disorder or an eye illness. Ayurvedic tradition advises bathing the eyes with cool water first in the morning and keeping water in the mouth.

Different Ayurvedic Eye Treatment Methods

Eye disorders, in Ayurveda, are indicators of a dosha imbalance in the body. According to Ayurveda, the balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha leads to the medical ailment of glaucoma. Ayurvedic methods aid in controlling intraocular pressure, freeing fluid eye circulation from restriction. In particular, for macular degeneration, ayurvedic medication helps to regulate the advanced deterioration and stabilize eyesight. Below are some of the most major ayurvedic eye treatment options.


Sedated liquid mixtures are used to wipe the eyes during this procedure. Fifteen minutes of head massage and 30 minutes of treatment are included in a 45-minute session. This is a unique method of cleansing where a repetitive stream of medicinal liquid is continuously poured over the eyes while the head rests comfortably. Triphala water is used in treatments, such as cleansing the eyes.

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The most excellent therapy for vaatadi doshas is to sustain damaged and dry eyes. This ayurvedic treatment procedure reduces ocular muscle tension and improves vision. Also restores and relaxes the eye muscles and the eyes.

Netra Tarpanam

Using approved gram flour, a combination is formed around both eyeballs, with precautions to prevent the medicine from leaking from the batter placed there. The lukewarm ghritha is poured into it and allowed to sit for at least five minutes; after that, the eyeballs are removed and replaced with ghritha. After the batter and treatment oil are removed, and the area around the eyes is gently massaged, this procedure is carried out for 20–25 minutes. This is 45 min. Consists of a five-minute massage, a ten-minute netradhara, and a thirty-minute treatment. This ayurvedic eye treatment technique nourishes tired, dry, and damaged eyes. It develops the face muscles and nerves as well as the eye muscles and nerves.


Ayurvedic medicine is used by ayurvedic ophthalmologists in Anjanam to either the inner or outer portion of the eyelid. Anjanam also consumes medication in the form of tablets, liquids, and powders. During this technique, a spray of medicated fluid is used to cleanse the eyes, and then a sallaka is used to apply medicinal collyrium to the interior of the eyes. The eyes are strengthened, and this ayurvedic therapy enhances eyesight. It aids in clearing the eyes of poisons and pollutants. It assists in slowing down the rapid deterioration of the eyes and eases eye strain.


This drug is prepared in liquid form using a unique heating technique. This medication is applied to the eyes as part of the therapy. We also leave the medicine on the eyelids for a particular time. Putapaakam is the name of this procedure. It is the same as the Akshitharpana therapy.


This is a reliable rehabilitation for improving the eyes. The medication, often a medicated ghee, is then placed into the eyes for the duration of time recommended for the particular illness condition. The retina, eye muscles, and optic nerves begin to regenerate due to the active elements of the ghee medication being taken in through the vascular supply of the eye. As a result, eyesight is restored through this ayurvedic eye treatment procedure.

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On an empty stomach, medicated oils or herbal mixtures are poured into the nose in the morning. Since the nose serves as the brain’s entrance, drugs injected directly into the eyes have a straightforward time penetrating the brain’s deeper tissues. This is used for a variety of eye and brain illnesses.


The patient takes a flat sleeping posture on the dhara table. Then, for 45 years, medication is continuously applied to the forehead; it might take the form of herbal mixtures, buttermilk, milk, or medicinal oils. The illness condition is again a factor in this range. By boosting blood flow to the eyes, the technique is highly effective in strengthening the nervous system. Several brain diseases that are caused by degeneration can also be treated with it. Offering thorough relaxation is a great way to promote sleep and lower stress levels.

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Why Should We Use Ayurveda to Improve Eyesight?

Traditional herbs like Amla and Punarnava are used in ayurvedic eye treatment for glaucoma. Glaucoma is seen as a Kapha Dosha condition in Ayurveda, which addresses all health problems holistically. Ayurveda treats it by using both external and internal medications. Ancient manuscripts mention herbal mixtures like Triphala as eye-improving Ayurvedic remedies. When necessary, Triphala is given orally or as ayurvedic eye drops. Ayurvedic medicines and specific eye workouts from yoga can enhance eye vision.


Eyecare is crucial since some eye issues might result in total blindness. Various ayurvedic eye treatments might be beneficial in enhancing vision. One can employ many Ayurvedic medicines to improve vision. Ayur Prakash Eye Hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is the best option if you wish to use Ayurveda to treat your eye issues. All of the necessary amenities for individualized Ayurvedic treatments and Panchakarma Therapies are in the hospital. 

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