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Ukraine Has Refused to Surrender Mariupol

surrender Mariupol

“We have guns and some bullets and warm clothes, and we are trying to live like that.” Russia had demanded Ukraine to surrender Mariupol, but Ukraine has rejected their offer. Read more.

A bold move from the Ukrainian government is seen. They have refused to give up Mariupol, more like a “Bring ‘em on” kind of move. Many are asking what Joe Biden is doing to stop this war. Well, from what we know President Joe Biden will be in Europe this week to meet various European leaders to discuss the war.

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Russia has called for the strategic port city to surrender to its forces by Monday at 5am local. After this evacuation corridors for civilians would be opened. We all know about how people are trapped in the city and are suffering attacks from the Russian bombing and the invasion of the army. President Zelensky says he is “ready” for direct talks with President Putin however we are all worried if the negotiations don’t work out between the countries we might be looking at a third world war.

The death toll has not stopped yet. Civilians are still dying because of the recent bombing in Kyiv. According to the U.N more than 900 civilians have been killed and over 1400 injured, even though we are sure that the actual numbers are much higher. What we know for sure now is that over 10M are now homeless in Ukraine and over 3M people have left the suffering country.

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