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How To Do Local SEO In 2021 Without Making Mistakes

Shane Strauss

Search engines are working more and more to improve the user experience and return relevant and relevant results.

Google has created an algorithm to manage local SEO, it’s called Pigeon, and it’s entirely dedicated to local searches.

Pigeon has brought an important novelty: if previously users who were looking for, for example, a restaurant in Milan had to type in the search bar Trattoria, specifying Milan, now they no longer have to do so.

Simply type in the requested service (in this case trattoria) and Google will automatically find the first place nearby.

This change is linked to the increasingly frequent use of mobile devices to do local searches. Google, thanks to the geo-localization service, knows exactly where users are and automatically returns the results closest to them on Google Maps.

In this way, the user on the street no longer asks passersby for information, but does local searches directly from their mobile phone.

And when a user is in your area and performs a search, wouldn’t you want to appear on the first page on Google?

Great, then you are in the right place.

In this article we will explain what local SEO is and how you can use it to appear in Google’s organic results, in the Google Local Pack and in Box One.

The local Pack shows the first 3 results that appear on the Google SERP, linked to a unique map. The Box One is instead that box you see on the right of the SERP, along with the ten organic results.

What is Local SEO:

Local SEO is a branch of SEO that deals specifically with the optimization of local businesses on search engines and is aimed at ensuring that your business is found online by people looking for it in that particular location.

This search mechanism works with certain location qualifiers such as city, state, zip code, etc. And it is valid for “near me” searches, in which Google detects the geographical location of the person and provides search results with respect to that area.

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Neglecting Local SEO means giving up the opportunity to increase your sales.

More than half of people looking to purchase professional products or services use the Internet to search locally.

Today’s customers simply prefer to make informed decisions and research before taking action.

If you decide to subject your company website and other commercial web pages to a local SEO strategy, this will help your company rank at the top of local searches.

Do you want to know all the tools we use with our customers to position them among the results of local search queries?

Good! You will find out all by reading this article.

We tell you, it will be long enough but it will give you a complete idea of ​​how Local SEO is an advantage for your company.

The ranking factors for Local SEO

To increase the ranking of your business it is not enough to have good content. To make it easier for users to find you, you can work on various factors, ranging from the optimization of your Google my business account, to the use of company pages on social networks.

The classification is also linked to choosing the correct categories, uploading images, and obtaining positive reviews.

In addition to taking care of these elements in detail, it is important to study a 360 ° SEO strategy for your website, with interesting content and keywords relevant to your local strategy.

Let’s find out in detail what are the ranking factors that can have a decisive impact on your business.

Google My Business:

The first step to start improving your local position is to claim your listing on Google My Business, a simple and free step.

The work on Google My Business starts with choosing the most appropriate categories. You don’t need to enter many. The important thing is to select the most relevant ones.

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It is essential to enter all the references of your company: name, telephone, location, opening and closing times, website.

The images are used to complete your profile and give an overview of your business to the customer, on the external and internal spaces. You can also insert photos of your products.

It is important to write a description that best represents your business. It cannot be more than 750 characters and cannot contain URLs or HTML codes.

You can add a list of your services, which is useful for users to better understand what they can find in your business.

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