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Russia’s Important Warship “Moskva” Sank in the Black Sea


On Thursday, Russia’s very important warship sank off the coast of Ukraine. There was an explosion and 500 crew members had to evacuate. Read more…

Moskva is the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet and according to Ukrainian officials, the warship was hit with cruise missiles.  The defense ministry of Russia would disagree with that statement and said that a fire had erupted on the Soviet-era missile cruiser and then the ship sank in a “stormy sea” while being towed.

The Associated Press and AFP report. Russia’s defense ministry says the damage is a result of an explosion of ammunition on board, Reuters reports.

Ukraine’s morale needed a boost and this incident probably met that need of civilians. The apparent attack wouldn’t however change the course of the war but it could certainly hamper future Russian naval operations.

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The Economist said, “This was more than just a symbolic act of revenge or a demonstration of indigenous prowess. It fits a pattern of bold Ukrainian attacks beyond the frontlines, known as deep strikes.”

The WSJ said, “Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that Western sanctions have stymied its energy industry, the country’s economic engine and that it will need to reorient oil and gas sales from markets in Europe to Asia.”

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