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Top Attractions in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

Samantha Green

When your friends invite you to go on a trip to Dubai, it means only one thing which is to explore the world’s top attractions. Just wonder how much excitement you’ll get when walking on the beaches of Jumeirah or capturing the entire view of Dubai from top of the Burj Khalifa.

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Well, there are many places to discover in Dubai but if your stay is short, then below are some specific places where your visit is necessary:

1.    The Burj Khalifa

The trip to Dubai is incomplete if you don’t visit Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world. Soaring above the sky at a height of 828 meters, the view you’ll witness from the top of the roof will cover all the hurdles you face during the trip.

Furthermore, when you visit the observation deck on the 148th floor, you’ll be shocked to see the amazing ambience and other facilities like cafes and the photos you can click from that height will surely make you a daring person.

2.    The Dubai Mall

When visiting Burj Khalifa, there’s another top attraction for tourists just around the corner which is Dubai Mall which claims to have everything a person wants whether it is premium quality outfits or a luxury dinner with family.

The reason is that Dubai Mall has a total of 1200 shops so, the possibility of getting your favourite products is not only multiple but endless as well. Moreover, no one can just come out of the Dubai Mall without visiting the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, people of all ages can visit this marvelous place.

3.    Palm Jumeirah

 If you love to live in villas and resorts then why not make your stay a luxurious one by choosing Palm Jumeirah? The place is constructed in the shape of a palm tree with pristine beaches right at the corner.

During summer seasons, you can get a nice view of the wildlife at Palm Jumeirah as many dolphins, and jellyfish can be seen at the shore and if you want, you can capture their photos as well.

4.    Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the best places in the world and people are madly in love with such a majestic attraction with all the luxury restaurants and skyscrapers, you just cannot conclude your trip without visiting this place.

During the evening Dubai Marina offers the perfect opportunity to have a nice walk with your partner along the sea shore and when there’s a cruise trip and boat ride, you’ll visit this place again and again.

5.    Dubai Fountain

There’s another wonderful place waiting for your arrival which is Dubai Fountain. The place is perfect to visit at night because it hosts a water and light show right at the entrance of the building.

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Fountain shows, water jets shooting at a height of at least 150 meters and non-stop music will surely make your trip a memorable one.

6. Dubai Creek

Dubai creek was basically the first port of the emirates and used for trading purposes. The vibes of Dubai creek is quite historical, surrounded by heritage museums, old styled markets and ancient buildings.

Dubai Creek is still one of the famous tourist attractions and around thousands of tourists visit here per day. Moreover, cruising and dining over the beach is another fascinating thing you can experience there.

7. Ski Dubai

Dubai is generally known due to its hot and humid climate but enjoying the minus temperature in the middle of the heat of the desert is something fascinating, right?

Ski Dubai is considered to be the largest indoor ski slope in Dubai. It has a mountain and snow-themed setting at Mall of Emirates. If you are fond of snow and winters, this place is best for you. They offer some cool activities like; skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, meeting Gentoo and king penguins.

8. Dubai Frame

Dubai frame is one of the latest attraction points for tourists and locals and is considered to be the largest picture frame in the world. It provides panoramic views of the skylines and breathtaking landscapes of the city. The length of the frame is approximately 150 meters high.

It also connects us to visualize the future and past at the same time by visiting museums inside the Dubai Frame. You can experience SkyDeck, Glass-Bridge walk and fountain show as well.

9. Dubai Opera

Dubai opera (house of cultures) is basically a performing art center with a capacity of 2000 seats and is located at the downtown of Dubai, next to Dubai Mall. If you are an art lover you must have to visit this place as it offers live shows and music.

You can interact with the city’s ‘it’ crowd in the stunning lobby of Dubai Opera and witness the breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa. The architecture of this building is quite impressive, it is designed to resemble a traditional dhow boat.  

Tips for Affordable Travel

Dubai is considered to be the most expensive and least back-packing friendly country when it comes to visit. The accommodations, food, activities or even travel is quite expensive there. In such circumstances one should consider his budget or total expenses he wishes to spend.

Here is the list of tips you should consider for affordable travel;

1.     Camel Racing

There are a number of events and activities they are offering for free such as; camel racing. Experience the authentic Emirati culture, camels can run very fast and attending the race is frankly exciting.

2.         Deira Gold Souq

If you are fond of gold jewelry then you must visit Deira Gold Souq, as they sell some of the cheapest gold jewelry in the world. However there are also many attractions like the biggest ring in the world and you would see dozens of visitors capturing pictures of themselves with it.

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3.         Street Wrestling

Street wrestling is already popular in Iran, Pakistan and India. On every Friday afternoon, the Indians and Pakistani workers gather there to enjoy it in the streets of Deira. It’s not about the fight but the vibes and atmosphere there is something that attracts the visitors and locals. 

4.         Crossing the Creek on a boat

All you have to do is to pay only one Dirham and enjoy the exciting ride in the abra, it’s a traditional boat that carries a number of people to cross the atmospheric Dubai Creek from Bur Dubai to Deira.

5.            Walking around Souq Madinat

Arab Souq is a traditional spot from the 21st century and is modified in a fancy Dubai style. Burj Al Arab can be seen through the fountains. There are a number of bars and restaurants near Souk Madinat, so it’s a perfect place to hang out with your friends and partner in the evening.  

6.         Wandering around Al Bastakiya

Basatakiya was the oldest part of the city which was later built for an office complex. However the project was stopped and now traditional Arab Gulf buildings and homes stand along its street. Apart from this, there is an amazing museum you can visit by paying only 3 Dirhams. It gives you a summary of Arab’s history along with a glimpse of future innovative projects.

Understanding Dubai’s Culture: Dos and Don’ts for Travelers

We should consider all the SOPs. Rules and guidelines for visiting any new place especially for Dubai to ensure respectful and enjoyable experience.

Things You Should Do?

·               Respect all local customs

Being in Dubai it is important to learn and follow all the local customs be it their norms, traditions, occasions or any standard rules.

·               Dress Modestly

Make sure you dress properly when you are out in public. Same with the case if you are a tourist you are exempted from wearing proper attire in malls, beaches or even any tourist spot.

·               Public Behavior

Public behavior plays an important role whether you are with family or out with random people. Standing up for elders or high ranking personalities when entering a room shows a gesture of respect. Mindful of table manners and use your right hand while eating. Ask for permission before taking anyone’s solo picture.

·               Visit Cultural Sites

Dubai is a wonderland having many tourist attractions and amazing cultural sites. Make sure to visit the historical museums, Jumeirah Mosque, Al fahidi historical district and many other places that hold the cultural sentiments.

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Things You Shouldn’t Do?

·               Public Intoxication

Make sure not to violate any rules in public spots or it will be fined. Don’t offer pork or alcoholic drinks to anyone and avoid involving in other activities like gambling. It is allowed only in designated areas or bars.

·               Disrespect Religion

Avoid involving in discussion or any activities that disrespects any religion, as it is the most sensitive and touchy area and one should not engage in this.

·               Traffic Rules

Make sure not to violate traffic rules, Dubai has well maintained roads and a detailed traffic management system. Follow the instructions; don’t over speed or drive without your license. Try to cross the road when the signal shows a crossing sign only.

·               Neglect sun protection

As we know Dubai is known for its hot climate and scorching sun could cause you serious skin complications. Don’t ignore sun protection, use sunscreen especially when you are outdoors.

The Best Time to Visit Dubai:

Dubai is the place that covers almost everything be it tourist attractions, shopping, fun, adventure or even exploration. But if you are coming to Dubai you should consider the following factors whether it’s suitable for you or not.

Consider Weather:

November to March – For outdoor events and activities it’s an ideal time, having pleasant weather and small crowds, cool breeze and peaceful atmosphere.

June to August – Budget friendly weather or okay with summers, offering reasonable tour packages and deals.

Consider Festivals and Events:

Global Village – it occurs every year around October to April, representing the customs and traditions of local food, shopping and entertainment.

Dubai Shopping Festival – it occurs for usually one month at the end of the year and retails big sales and deals. Attracts the majority of the crowds towards itself.

Dubai Airshow – this occurs on alternate years, it’s good to experience Dubai’s major air show that too under protocol.

Dubai International Film Festival – this festival takes place every year in December. This event celebrates the magic of cinema.

Dubai Summer Surprises – during the months of summer June to August, activities, and hotel deals bear an affordable price for tourists. It’s the best time to avail these advantages.

Final Thoughts

If you go on to explore the entire Dubai, well you’ll need more time than you’ve imagined because there are thousands of attractions to visit and places to explore. But you can utilize the short time by visiting some amazing places mentioned above.

If you’re in love with heights, then go to Burj Khalifa, want to get some unique outfits and luxury products, then Dubai Mall, and if you want to enjoy the sunset view, then Jumeirah Beach is the place to go. 

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