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Places to visit on New Year eve?

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Have you been aware of the most adventurous and incredible places present on Earth? If not, then plan a trip to this wonder city of Miami, which is a heaven on Earth.

Visit this city of Miami with Virgin America book a flight and watch out for the famous attractive places which are settled over in Florida.

Read the places which are worth watching in the city: 

Art Deco Historic District

Art Deco Historic District is a well-known place and the nation’s major art district presenting the various architectural works from over 800 historic sculptures. Drop into this historic region that conserves the old memorials growing the history behind each building. 

Catch the Virgin America book flights to notice the deco designs and the innovation of this place which has been marked as the renewal for this city. 

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road is one of the fullest roads in the city and is the most lively and the finest place for the workshop. Come to this site to have a mouthwatering dine-out, with lots of fun time at this place that observes a huge influx of the local public of Miami. Folks come here to rejoice their weekends and to enjoy every day ends together. 

South Pointe Park 

South Pointe Park has flushed with foliage all around and is housed with a gorgeous cruise ship of Port Miami. Visit this place which is positioned in the south of Miami Beach and has an adjacent area packed with serene views. 

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Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is an astonishing place to spend your days which is positioned at the South Beach near Miami Beach. Visit this tremendously stimulating site that allows free entree to visitors on this drive. Reach this ocean drive which is the most trendy site, and is a vehicle forbidden area made by the government. 

Book Virgin America flight Booking to hop into this heavy path to stroll.

Collins Avenue

Collins Avenue is a street that passes the equivalent to the Atlantic Ocean in Miami Beach and is a road in Florida. Visit this renowned first bridge which is the so-called Collins Bridge of MIAMI. Visit this nice-looking area to watch out for the main bridge that joints the Beach to the mainland of Biscayne Bay. 

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Lummus Park Beach

Lummus Park Beach is a peaceful place to spend some quality time here with family. Visit this place which is a gigantic part of Miami Beach encumbered with adequately of parks, great gyms, several fun play areas for kids, and shower stations, with a massage area, loads of large playgrounds, 

Miami owns tons of spectacular sites to explore the hidden history and learn the culture and heritage here.

So, folks, book Virgin America booking, and have a charming and incredible vacation with your friends or family! 

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