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Eco-Friendly Practices at Jain Farms: Sustaining the Beauty of Nature

Samantha Green


With increasing levels of pollution and  global warming, it is essential that we partake in practices which promote a sustainable lifestyle and preservation of mother nature’s gifts. The Jain Farms, located in the outskirts of Bangalore, a commercial hub, works towards this future. Even if you are on a vacation, through a wide range of activities, it helps you to come closer to nature and learn how to appreciate its beauty. It is a break from the hectic life back in the main city and you will feel energized once you spend some quality time with your close ones in this beautiful surroundings.

Jain Farms: An Overview

Located in the outskirts of the main city of Bangalore, one can arrive at Jain Farms easily using public buses, taxis or their own vehicles. It is situated at Bagalur, Malur Road and a few kilometers away. If you are not from Bangalore, then you will have to book your tickets for Kempegowda International Airport or the KSR Bengaluru Railway Junction. Once you arrive at Jain Farms, you enter a different world as compared to the cities because everything here feels very natural. As per your convenience and budget, you can book your rooms prior to checking in and you will have a range of options such as the villas, cottages and standard rooms. If you are here for a day then you can book a holiday package costing 4800 INR for couples, 1200 INR for children between 5 to 12 years and 2400 INR for teens above 12 years of age.For a weekend retreat, it will cost around 7200 INR for adult couples, 1800 INR for the younger ones and 3600 INR for those above 12 years.The interiors of the villas and cottages add a rustic charm to the entire experience of residing amidst nature.

Animal Friendly Premise

One of the prime reasons for the popularity of Jain Farms is the animal-friendly atmosphere. There is a petting Zoo where you can interact with animals and observe them in natural settings. You will also be able to spot exotic birds while taking a tour of the plantations. Additionally, there is a new package that allows you to bring your pet along with you on a vacation. Most of the time, we need to leave our beloved pets alone at home because it isn’t possible to take them everywhere but here  you can play with your pets to your heart’s content.

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Pottery Making 

Bringing out the creativity in you, Pottery Making includes learning the art right from scratch. You will have to learn how to mold clay and shape it to your desired form. Pottery Making also promotes sustainability as it encourages you to make a switch from substances like plastic cups and plates to more earthen clay pots and vessels. It takes you back to a village culture where natural substances are used in daily lives. Get your hands messy and your day will be fun-filled.

Outdoor Activities 

Instead of staying within the comforts of your room, Jain Farms ensures that there are plenty of outdoor activities planned in the itinerary. From Bullock Cart rides to Rain Dance, unique experiences await you. There are activities like outdoor games (volleyball, cricket, badminton) and after sweating it out, take a dip in the swimming pool. At night, you can gather around a campfire and exchange stories with new friends and fellow guests.

Indoor Activities 

For those who do not really enjoy the outdoors, there are things for you to do as well. From exciting games like Guess The Price and musical chairs, there are different ways of spending your time without getting bored of this place. You can also go for beautiful mehndi designs and witness a fire show which has been organized. If you are interested in astrology then you can book your session. There is also a magic show that excites both children and kids alike. 

Sattvic Food 

Following a classic Farm to Table approach, the in- house restaurants serve vegetarian dishes which have ingredients fresh from their farmlands. You are spoilt for choices given that you can eat something South Indian, or go for some other speciality. Evening snacks along with tea is the perfect way to feel at ease after  a hectic day. At dinner, you will be served a wide selection of good items and after that you can retire to bed.

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Jain Farms is the ideal getaway not just for you to take a break from the daily drudgery in your routine life but to help you understand the importance of conserving nature. Through its eco-friendly activities, Jain Farms ensures that the guests enjoy the comfort of residing in nature’s lap and learn how to work towards its preservation. It is an experience that will have a positive impact upon your lifestyle and lead to a better future. 

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