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3 Exciting Things To Do In Amsterdam During The Time of COVID-19

Katie McGarr

For months now, the world has been gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone feels the virus, and whether it is on business or personal level, small or big, everyone has a personal story.

In the Netherlands, all restaurants and bars have been closed again since early September to stop the rising amount of people who get infected by this virus. And because of the current lockdown, it feels like the last things we could still enjoy and meet people, have been taken away as well. It feels like there are no activities left to do in our leisure time to escape from these hectic and uncertain times. A weekend break without taking any further risks seems impossible.

However, the opposite is true! In these challenging times of social distancing Amsterdam has been massively skipped these days. Instead, people prefer to go to places which are located more remotely like the coast or nature parcs instead. A bad discission if you ask us. Next to the fact that those hotels and nature parcs are busier than ever, Amsterdam still offers a lot of activities which can be done in a safe manner, without taking risks and within the Corona guidelines. Our Sales Manager, Tom van Rijn, gladly shares some “corona proof’’ activities to do during a weekend in Amsterdam!

1. Have a relaxing accommodation in Amsterdam

Unlike bars and restaurants that were forced to shut down again early September, most hotels are still open. Due to the challenging times and the shift of travel to the more remotely located destinations, those hotels are now very busy which can result in sky-high prices. Amsterdam on the other hand is going through a rough time due to the international travel ban as no foreign tourists are visiting the city anymore. This is a great advantage for the ones who do want to visit this beautiful city. As most hotels have a lot of availability, the rates have come down a lot which makes it very interesting to visit Amsterdam now!

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All hotels took the necessary actions to be able to welcome guests in a safe way without taking any further risks. We notice a trend that people prefer to book a serviced apartment hotel like PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam instead of a regular hotel. This way, you enjoy being ‘’away from home’’, but having the luxury of hotel services like a 24/7 reception, breakfast options, etc. Because of the self-catering aspect of the rooms, like having your own kitchen, you do not depend on any external restaurants. In PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam, you can book a breakfast box together with your stay without having to consider the limited opening hours of the breakfast buffet. The hotel also offers Grocery Delivering and via external food delivery channels and local initiatives of closed restaurants, you can just order your food and collect them from the reception. This way, you will still be “eating out”.

2. Bike like a real Dutchman!

When planning a weekend away to Amsterdam, a relaxing bike tour through nature is probably not the first thing that pops to mind. What most people don’t know, however, is that the city center of Amsterdam has some beautiful nature parcs like Vondelpark or Westerpark. When you are visiting those parcs by bike, it is the perfect opportunity to combine this with a bike tour through the city center as you need to cross the canals before you can reach those parcs.

Are you a trained biker? In that case, consider biking to the ‘’Amsterdamse bos’’, which is a large forest with several bike tours in different levels. In addition, most tours will lead you through the ‘’Nieuwe Meer’’ which is a big lake. The magnificent view over the lake will make you forget that you are actually in the capital of the Netherlands.

3. Embark on a journey on foot: Amsterdam City Walk

Did you ever think about exploring Amsterdam on foot? Instead of rushing to all the famous tourist hotspots by a ‘’hop on & hop off’’ bus to finally end up in a bar or restaurant without really seeing the beautiful and unique buildings Amsterdam is offering, you can just walk at your own pace through the small, hidden, streets and along the canals admiring all the unique canal houses and buildings.

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Just stop for a few minutes and look at the beautiful houses at the canals which were built during the Golden Age. Be impressed by the leaning facades from 1700 that are still in perfect condition. Looking to add something unique feature to your city walk? Go by night! During the winter times, Amsterdam foresees a lot of lighting across the city which makes the city even more beautiful. But the very best thing is that there is no mass tourism at the moment, so this might be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to visit Amsterdam so privately!

Author Bio: Katie McGarr is a travel buff who writes for PREMIER SUITES PLUS Amsterdam, which specializes in luxury, full-suite serviced apartments in Amsterdam. This frugal young lady believes that traveling shouldn’t be expensive. She loves sharing money-saving hacks on lodging, traveling, and dining.

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