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Why Turkey is the Most Preferred Travel Destination in 2020.

Pramit Mitra

Turkey is the country of the Middle East. It straddles eastern Europe and western Asia with socio-cultural links to ancient Roman, Persian, Ottoman, Greek and Byzantine empires. Many people think that turkey is an Arab country but I’d beg to differ, there are linguistic, religious communities, ethnic values and other few differences that set it apart. Turkey is a safe, rich and industrially prosperous country.

Geographically Turkey is mostly (over 90 percent) Asian but it also takes part in the 2000 years of European history. People from tourist destination never identify themselves as European or Middle Eastern, they always identify themselves as TURKISH. If Turkey is Asian by heart, it is very much European in mind.

The country is one of its largest in the region, in terms of population and territory. This land acts as both barrier and bridge between two continents. Although 98 percent of Turks are Muslim but it has been home for nearly 900 years to the world’s largest Christian Church.

Attractions in Turkey

Turkey shows it’s elegance and gracefulness through different types of fields like cultural, historical, food style, natural, religious places.


  • One of the cultural heritage of Turkey is The GRAND BAZAAR, which is situated in Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkey. This market goes back to the era of Sultan Mehmat ll in the mid 15 century.
  • There is a special traditional art where colorful patterns are created by brushing or sprinkling color pigments on oily water pot, it’s called EBRU.
  • A special Sufi ceremony takes part in Turkish culture. It is known as MEVLEVI SEMA CEREMONY. It symbolizes the processes for accessing God and contains religious things and theme songs.
  • CINI MAKING is also popular in Turkey. It is actually making of several colored ceramic household stuff and glazed tiles by firing of clay soil.
  • Turkish believe that by a special type of aesthetic and mystical body movements they can reach the gods either they can send their messages, this is called SEMA, an Alevi-bektasi ritual.
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  • The amazing collection of ZEUGMA MOSAIC MUSEUM is awesome, which is enough to steal the enthusiasm of history lovers.
  • A most important example of Byzantine frescones is AYASOFYA MUSEUM (Trabzan), which was built as a church ( St. Sophia) in the 13th century.
  • Another is BALIKIGOL STATUE, exhibited at the museum of Sanliurfa and TREATY OF KADESH ( in the east area together with Egyptians, Babylonians and Assyrians.)

Food style:-

  • Turkish style coffee is very famous in the world. Coffee brewing method of European countries is developed after following the coffee drinking habit of the Turks.
  • A special traditional food ceremony is taken place, which is performed throughout the nation. According to special ritual women and men all work together in a large cooking pot over an open fire by dividing into small groups. They cook wheat and meat, the meal is called KESKEK, and the ritual is called CEREMONIAL KESKEK TRADITION.
  • Drinking alcohol with friends or family at home as well as in taverns and restaurants is so common in Turkey. They make a special dish which has very small quantities called MEZE. They usually eat it to start the meal with RAKI or wine or anise-flavored drink ( referred to as Lion’s milk).
  • There is a amusing food style of Turkish. They eat various-shaped thin bread, which is made by dough roller OKLAVA from wheat or rye. These bread are usually round or oval-shaped, named LAVASH, KATYRMA, JUKPA ,YUFPA.
  • Most preferred sweets in Turkish cuisine are LOKUM and BAKLAVA. These are not typical desserts that are taken after the main meal. Turks usually eat baklava with coffee or after small snacks like kebabs.

Religious places:-

From a historical point of view, Turkey has a great value. It is enriched by many historical places and all of them have equal importance in the world’s history. They are- Ahrida and Neve Salom Synagogues ( Istanbul); Akdamar Museum ( Van); Cappadocia or Groeme; Citte Minerate Medrese; Haci Bayram Veli complex ( Ankara) ; Harran; Kariye Museum; Mt. Ararat; Seljuk Mausoleums and Tombstones; St.Nicholas church and museum; St.Peter’s Grotto; Veysel Karani Complex and more.

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Most entertaining games of Turkey are canyoning and golf.

Why go to travel destination turkey ??

People are always chasing new, unique, incredible things in an effort to get to know the unknown. Some of them are obviously curious about culture, history, food habits, religion, natural views, traditional cultural events, the general lifestyle of land, place or nation. For them, Turkey is a fantastic place. Slowly improving the infrastructure of hotel and tourism, breathtaking scenarios of natural beauty, archaeological and historical buildings or sites, great traditional hospitality and unique food style always attract a great portion of tourists.

Turkey has become the world’s 6th most popular travel destination.

  • This land attracts almost 40 million people every year.
  • Tourists can get their secure vacation in all of their destinations certainly without any negative activity.
  • A hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is one of the extraordinary things. The blue sky filled with bright colorful big air balloons- capturing this moment is every photographer’s dream.
  • For a food lover, Turkey is just like heaven. Here anyone can get different types of alcoholic drinks, sweets, tasty kebabs, grilled meats, bread, Turkish style coffee, various types of traditional food rituals, ceremonies.
  • One seafood lover can enjoy Istanbul’s terrific fish restaurants. One nature lover should enjoy the breath-taking scenario by boat riding. Turkey is called a peaceful blue city.
  • According to the survey by the TUI group, Turkey takes the 3rd position in the list of most preferred summer holiday destinations mainly for Europeans.
  • Because of bordering both the Mediterranean and black sea this land has got some presentable beaches as well as some beautiful mountain resorts, that’s why Turkey is mostly preferred in summertime (Jul-aug).

For Istanbul, Mar-jun is a perfect tourist visiting time because of milder weather. Major events take place in this time – Istanbul Music Festival ( May), Istanbul Film Festival (April), Izmir International Fair (Sept), Republic Day (29th Oct).

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From the above discussions, why to go travel destination turkey, we can say that Turkey is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So if ever possible, take your time out for this fascinating wonderland.


Pramit Mitra

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