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The best solution to fix the Malwarebytes popups

Suzanne Shanks

Malwarebytes is a good program that offers various advanced services for keeping the system safe. You can install the setup and then access its features. It has the device security tools on freeware. If you need the advanced features for data and network security then users can get the premium subscription of Malwarebytes. When using the program, sometimes the user gets error popups. These pop-ups appear when some program files of Malwarebytes or the system files are not working. 

Troubleshooting Malwarebytes popups error

Restart the device 

When your antivirus is showing error popups then you should restart the device. Restarting will remove all the runtime errors which are affecting the antivirus. Now click on the program’s icon and go to its dashboard. Hit the scan option and the program will start scanning the device. 

Disable your Malwarebytes popups

If you are getting the popups often then turn off Malwarebytes popups. After disabling them, the user will not get the popups and he can work peacefully on the system. 

  1. Open your Malwarebytes dashboard
  2. Hit on the Settings option
  3. Tap the Application button 
  4. Go to Application Update
  5. Click on the Notify Me option and toggle the switch to Off

Disable all the notifications on Malwarebytes and now the user can work without any popups.  

Remove all the junk from the device

Users may get the regular pop-ups of Malwarebytes if the system has lots of junk. These junk files can cause errors while scanning the device. Sometimes, the antivirus can’t verify whether these files are reliable or not. Junk files look suspicious but don’t cause any harm. Your antivirus starts sending the pop-ups to the device to verify whether to remove those junk or not. To prevent the popups, open the temporary folder and remove all files. Now the user should check for other junk on the system. Open your drives and check for unused and unnecessary files. Delete those files from the system. Open the command screen and run the cleanmgr tool. The tool will inspect all existing files on the system. It lists out all junk files and shows you on the desktop. Click on the files and then select the OK button. Those files get deleted and now the user will not get the notifications.

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Undo the changes

If you are getting errors on Malwarebytes after making the changes then check those settings. People often get the error notification when they make invalid settings. Again, open the settings and set them to default. If you forget those changes, you can try the restoring tool. Windows provides a restoring tool that can undo the changes. For undoing, the user has to enter the restoring point. When you enter the date, the utility tool will undo all the changes after that date. After reverting the changes, restart the device to apply changes and then check for the popups.

Update your Malwarebytes

The common popups you get while using the antivirus are update notifications. When Malwarebytes provide notification, you will start getting the popups. You will get these pop-ups until you update the program. Connect the system to reliable internet and then open the Apps folder. Click on Malwarebytes and tap the Update option. After updating, the user will not get the notification.

Repair your Malwarebytes registry files

When you are getting the error popups, check for the Malwarebytes registry files. The error occurs when some of the registry files are not working. Users should check for these files and repair them. Access the registry editor using Regedit. Run this utility on the command screen and then check for all the files related to Malwarebytes. Copy all the corrupted files and add the .reg extension. Now go to the files and edit correctly. After repairing the corrupted files, users can easily run the Malwarebytes setup.

Repair Windows system files

The antivirus can show error popups when the system files are not working. The user has to fix those files on the device. These files are not easy to repair. You can run the SFC tool on the device. Open the cmd and use the SFC/scannow tool. It will repair the files automatically and then the user can run Malwarebytes easily. 

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