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Top 10 VPNs to Look for Linux in 2024

Samantha Green

Although in this world of digitalization, we see a number of operating systems enhancing their way, in evolving the use of our devices. But when it comes to prioritizing the security of your data, the Linux operating system is the best choice.

This open-sourced operating system is known for its customizing nature, which enables its users to share it with multiple devices, and access to improve your source code. However, to ensure your data is protected perfectly while online browsing from cybercrimes, seeking the best VPN for Linux is crucial.

Why is it becoming essential? Let’s crackdown on some reasons why you need a VPN for Linux.

  • By finding connecting Linux with a VPN enables you to boost up your privacy, and provide a secure medium for your online activities.
  • With VPN, bypassing geo-restriction is a piece of cake. No matter where you are, with just one click, you can access any content that is restricted in that area.
  • Want to stay anonymous? With Linux VPN, you will be given an IP address that is displayed as a replacement for your actual one.
  • Moreover, VPN also offers protection to your personal data, even if you are using any public WIFI. So, it provides a safe zone from hackers and other cybercriminals.

List For The 10 Best VPNs For Linux

1. FastestVPN

In the search for the best VPN for Linux, FastestVPN is leading the industry. Take a step forward in protecting your online activity with the fastest VPN, and avail yourself of high-speed browsing without any interruption from ads.

Moreover, this VPN provider enables its user compatibility with up to 20 devices, with access to 10 of them simultaneously. Amazing right? Well, it also protects your browsing from any data breach with its DNS leak protection.

What makes the FastestVPN an outstanding VPN provider?

  • Add an extra layer of protection with NAT Firewall
  • Provides a safe zone for the sharing and uploading of P2P files.
  • Get rid of unwanted ads, by connecting with FastestVPN.
  • With its affordable packages, it also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.
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2. Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN is a globally recognized VPN provider. It is one of the best options to unblock any restricted website, with the experience of over a decade. With more than 6000+ servers, Ivacy VPN is entertaining millions of its users.

The most notable part is that this VPN provider enables its users to take advantage of advanced features, without compromising over anonymity. Moreover, it offers a number of affordable packages, that users can buy according to the features they need.

What makes Ivacy VPN different from others?

  • To ensure the privacy of its users, Ivacy VPN offers a no-log policy.
  • Keep cyber criminals away from your internet traffic with its 256-bit encryption.
  • With their split tunneling feature, a user has the aces to both local and foreign content.

3. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is another leading VPN provider, which is globally trusted by millions of users, for its reliability and fast speed. Whether you want to see any Netflix movies that are restricted in your area, or want to protect your Linux device from malware attracts, TunnelBear is your perfect partner.

Moreover, it also protects the devices that are connected with TunnelBear VPN from cybercriminals, who are just a few steps away from stealing your personal data.

Why TunnelBear is leading in the industry?

  • While browsing online, you may not know but many unsecured traffic try constantly to invade your data, but with TunnelBear services you don’t have to worry about them connecting.
  • Opposite from many other VPN providers, TunnelBear offers a user to understand interfaces.

4. NordVPN

Take your Linux device security to the next level, by connecting with NordVPN. Not only does it offer premium security features such as a strong password, a safe browsing zone, and most importantly a secure medium for customers.

NordVPN also protects and secures the IP address of Linux users, which lets you enjoy all the geo-restricted websites.

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Why choose NordVPN for Linux?

  • It makes sure to clear all the track marks of its user’s online activities.
  • By connecting with NordVPN, you will be tension-free when it comes to data leaks with 256-bit encryption.

5. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is not a new name in this industry. With its utmost services and features, browsing was never been more secure. With its connectivity option for up to 10 devices, this VPN provider lets its users run in the realm of the internet, with complete anonymity.

It also offers a notable DNS server for every user, with surety of their privacy. And with its kill switch, you can block or disconnect online traffic at any time.

6. CyberGhost

Are you looking for VPN services, with robust security and effective performance, CyberGhost is the perfect choice for you. Not only does it offer a simultaneous connection with multiple devices, but also guarantees overspeed and SOCKS5 proxy

So, connect with CyberGhost and protect your privacy of Linux with anonymity, with its anti-malware and ad blocker services.

7. IPVanish

With more than 500+ servers in over 100 countries, which VPN will be better than IPVanish? This VPN provider is known for its reliable connections and high-end encryption. Moreover, IPVanish never compromises over the privacy and security of its user’s data.

It also offers a free plan with limited features alongside its premium options, catering to users with varying needs.

8. PureVPN

When it comes to prioritizing the privacy of your information, PureVPN is at your service. This VPN provider is in this industry for a long time and they know every security aspect that needed to be protected while browsing online.

By gathering the most professional stuff under one roof, PureVpn knows how to keep up with trending technologies such as encrypted tunnels, 256-bit AES and more. So, connect with pureVPN and protect your Linux devices now.

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9. Hotspot Shield

Another top VPN service on this list is Hotspot Shield, which is renowned for focusing browsing security and speed. Fast and reliable connections are provided by Hotspot Shield through the use of its unique Catapult Hydra protocol. It has a smooth browsing experience because to its user-friendly UI, robust encryption, and malware protection.

10. Proton VPN

Want hustle-free VPN services? Consider connecting with Proton VPN. This VPN provider stands out from others, as with its user-friendly interface, and free services, it’s easy for everyone to protect their personal data from cyber criminals.

Moreover, it’s no login policy keeps your username and password protected from hackers. So, whether you are sitting in any airport trying to access any content that is not available in that region or enjoying free public WiFi in any cafe and want to protect your data, connect with Proton VPN and secure your online journey.


In conclusion, with the constant advancement of technologies, although the world of the internet is making our lives easier. But this also puts our private data at risk of breaching. So, carefully take a look at this list of VPNs and protect your Linux devices now.

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