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Hyundai and Genesis cars to gain Apple iPhone digital key functionality – UPDATE

digital key functionality

One of the burning topics today in the automotive industry is whether the car giants such as Hyundai and Genesis cars are going to get Apple iPhone digital key functionality?
Here we will know all about it.

Car Digital Key

The South Korean car giant Hyundai and the Genesis luxury division are stepping into Apple Car Key unlocking functionality technology. The news was shared by Genesis. 

The company had initiated a statement regarding the availability of an Apple iPhone digital key. The statement said that the Genesis digital key, which is applied on GV60 and G90, is one of the latest features that will work for both the major types of OS, such as iPhone and Android phones. 

The users can unlock, lock, and start their car using this advanced technology. With this latest technological invention, the users will enjoy a heightened digital experience and augmented benefits.

Availability in Regions

If you think about whether this feature is available everywhere, it is crucial for you to note that this functionality will work for only Korea. The news about the availability of this technology and feature in the rest of the regions said that the same would be decided later. The management will decide about the availability of this feature at the time of car launch. 

The company said that the decision will be taken keeping in mind the customer requirements and whether it will comply with the necessary guidelines and regulations.

The Confusion

However, the people also got confused with the statement. Since the statement mentioned only the use of the phrase “Genesis digital key” and did not explicitly mention Apple’s Car Key system’s name, the customers are in a confused state of mind. This missing work might mean that the digital key system is only available for the GV60 electric car and the G90 flagship sedan. It may be an in-house designed system for Genesis and might not have been developed in partnership with Apple.

Hence, nothing can be said in concrete at this moment. More details on Apple Car Key support for Genesis and Hyundai vehicles in the US and other regions may come soon. The car mechanic Adelaide may share more information on this. 

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The Functionality

The functionality will allow you to unlock and start your latest Hyundai vehicle or Genesis luxury car using the Apple iPhone or Apple Watch.

With the launch of Apple’s Car Key system, which enabled the user to start and drive the car using their iPhone or Apple Watch, it started to work for the latest models from Hyundai and Genesis. It was expected that it would also work for German luxury brand BMW soon. This is precisely what happened. Apple digital car key started working for BMW earlier this year. Germany’s BMW uses Apple’s CarKey technology for all the BMW models except a few. It does not include the models like BMW X1, BMW X2, BMW X3, BMW X4, and BMW 7 Series. The same is being offered with the digital key system in 45 countries along with Australia. Have a problem with your BMW car? Visit BMW mechanic Adelaide.  

The 2020 Sonata was the first Hyundai car that used Hyundai Digital Key. It allowed the Sonata to be unlocked, locked and started with a smartphone. This system also permitted the user to share Digital Key access with other users, with a capping of three. 

The Hyundai Digital Key allows the owner to unlock the car by holding the smartphone in front of the passenger door handle. Hyundai Digital Key is compatible with only Android phones and not iPhones. One can download the Digital Key App from the Google Play Store.

Hyundai Digital Key used NFC or Near Field Communication technology for security reasons. The vehicle could be used when the device and reader are within a few centimeters of each other. It will prevent the car from being unlocked and started by someone else when you are in close proximity to the car.

The functions that Apple’s digital key will allow are yet to be relieved. However, as per the Bloomberg report in September 2021, Hyundai’s luxury brand Genesis with Apple Pay mobile payment system was going to use near-field communication or NFC technology.

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The report also conveyed that Hyundai is using the Car Key technology without the mention of the Apple Pay code, which is creating doubts. However, the news that only the brand’s expensive cars and luxurious models will offer this technology is confirmed. Entry-level cars such as i30 hatchbacks and Venue SUVs may not offer this feature.

Existing users of Digital Key Technology

The Genesis brands like Genesis GV70, Genesis G80, and Genesis GV80 are already using digital key functionality with Android phones. Bluetooth, NFC, and a Genesis Digital Key app are being used for the technology.

Kia is also going to launch critical digital support for both iPhone and Android devices, as per Kia specialists. It is also clear that the company will launch the same in overseas markets. The car models like the new Niro small SUV will work with the Kia Connect smartphone app. Kia service Adelaide may help you with this. This technology for Kia is not available in Australia.

Apple digital key system

In the case of the Apple digital key system, the users will be able to share the key with five other Apple users through iMessage. There will be a power reserve system too. It will allow the key to be used for a maximum time of five hours if the iPhone finishes up its battery.

The iPhone users can tap to unlock and drive after keeping the iPhone in the smartphone tray. All the users need to do is push the start button and experience the best technology. You can take your vehicle to a car repair shop in case of any problem.  


Now that the selected Hyundai and Genesis models are going to experience the revolutionary Apple Car Key functionality, the technology may soon encompass other models and many more regions worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates.

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