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WikiFEEDz Interviews Psychic Jane Voneman-DuPerow


Jane Voneman-DuPerow belongs to Avon Lake in Ohio, United States. She is a Psychic and Medium, T. V. show host Avon Actress, Author, App developer, a YouTuber, and a Yellow belt in Tai Kwon Do.

WiKiFEEDzTell us about your website (

Jane Voneman-DuPerow – My website is to let the viewer know what I offer. My blogs are on there also. It represents my business and articles about myself as a Psychic and Medium. It offers hope and inspiration to people who go on the site.

Google once called me and said that my website was highly viewed by the most in my area of Cleveland, Ohio as far as Psychics go in my community, so that made me feel good. 

WiKiFEEDzWhy do you call yourself a magical woman?

Jane Voneman-DuPerow – I call myself Magical because I believe that when you tap into the energy of knowing that you are, you can create it. I once thought of the sea for three weeks as I was getting ready to go on a cruise and was carrying a very happy vibration of joy about the sea and looking forward to the beautiful turquoise waters.

I felt the feeling come alive in me and as I went one day for my walk I found a golden sea horse laying on the ground. I believe my thoughts created alchemy and they do for all of us.  We are surrounded by the elements of earth, air, fire, and water daily so they can help us with our energy.  We are all magical beings on the earth plane if we just tap into it. 

WiKiFEEDz Tell us about Spirit Dice.

 Jane Voneman-DuPerow – Spirit Dice is a free app on all iPhones. The app helps you to get a connection with the spirit world or spell out a Psychic message for yourself daily. The alphabetical dice fall out and you must fill up the whole phone with the dice, then move the letter from side to side or up and down to find the word. 

Then your own Medium and or psychic brain helps you to reveal the message. My Mother Kay Voneman did the artwork to find the connection photos. When you use the find the connection button you will see how the spirit is coming to you that day.

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WiKiFEEDzWhat do you think people should do to be happier?

Jane Voneman-DuPerow – People should be happier in life by meditation daily, working with their struggles emotionally, and tapping into a fifth-dimensional universe thought pattern. We must eliminate negativity and be grateful every day.

The key is to be grateful daily and then more things will come into your life to be grateful for. So people should watch their thinking patterns. They should also eat a healthier mostly vegetarian diet and exercise to be happier. People should not reflect on what is wrong in their lives, but reflect more on what is going right.

WiKiFEEDzDo you believe in superpowers and does black magic exist?

Jane Voneman-DuPerow – I do believe that people have superpowers. It can be something that they are good at. But for magical superpowers, I believe you have to be born underneath the right zodiac sign to make it more powerful or to have an interest in it.  I believe we all are capable of tapping into our own superpowers by channeling that energy of the earth, air, fire, and water. 

A shaman can create rain in the rainforest just by thinking and feeling the rain is already falling upon him for five brief minutes. Then the shaman creates torrential rain for five days straight if he wants to or thinks the thought.  Black magic does exist also and I would rather do white magic but there is power in the dark side also. But it may come back on the person tenfold if they don’t know what they are doing. I do not use black magic, but I do respect others who do it.

A Psychic attack to me is also black magic, just holding a thought of someone, the person can pick up that you are sending them a bad vibe. There are good vibrations and bad ones.  Santaria people use black magic, but they have to sacrifice an animal and use its blood. I don’t believe in harming animals. But it works for those people if they are careful of the energy and know what they are doing. I do not judge anyone’s set religion. 

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WiKiFEEDzWhat is a phone reading?

Jane Voneman-DuPerow– I do phone readings. The spirits talk over the phone line and the reading is just as accurate as the in person reading. 

WiKiFEEDzYou have a theory about staying young while growing old, what do you have to say about that?

Jane Voneman-DuPerow – We do have the ability to get younger as we age magically, By eating the right diet, juicing fresh fruits and veggies, going raw and vegan mostly or vegetarian. Eating little meat or no meat at all , depending on the blood type of a person.

Staying out of too much sun, not drinking too much alcohol and working out daily can help a person stay young, but I think magical people like the Goddess energy can tap into some sort of fountain of youth. There are so many things that come to me to find the secret of the fountain of youth. I am age 60 and look around 40.

WiKiFEEDzWhat do you mean when you say, ” I have a gift that is like no other psychic in the world. “?

Jane Voneman-DuPerow – My psychic gifts come through in a reading like no other reading because I incorporate an element of magic into the reading. You never know what the Creator is going to give me to show the person that I am a magical being in the middle or beginning or end to the reading, but somehow the client always knows there is some other force that exists kind of like the force in nature. The person always leaves the reading feeling like their life has changed for the better.

WiKiFEEDzWhat are your thoughts on a career as a psychic?

Jane Voneman-DuPerow – Having a career as a Psychic and Medium is fun and joyful. I think it helps so many lives. My thoughts on this are that a Psychic has a responsibility to be a safe haven for people to go to seek comfort and positive thoughts or advice. I see visions and the visions start at the beginning of the reading.

I take the approach to lifting people. Psychic healers must always remember they are healing themselves as they heal others. They must stay in the light, get massages to work with crystals, and smudge daily. Also, they need to take breaks once in a while or they could get psychic burn out. They need to go on vacation sometimes. Psychics can even help with missing person cases.

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WiKiFEEDzLastly, what is your advice for people who do not believe in psychic readings? 

Jane Voneman-DuPerow – My advice to a skeptic who does not believe is to go to a good reputable psychic and Medium to see for themselves that there is more than just this mundane earthly existence and parallel universes do exist in helping a psychic to gather their information. 

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