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Erectile dysfunction by age: is it just a number?

R Varsh

Here are ten commonly-reported sexual health concerns that men should not avoid and instead seek medical attention as soon as possible

Male sexual health is a state of mind that allows a man to thoroughly engage in and enjoy sexual activity. Man’s sexual health is influenced by many physical, mental, social, interpersonal, and social aspects. Sexual desire and maintaining and acquiring an erection are crucial elements of male sexual health. However, physiology has an impact on both sexual desire as well as the capacity to engage in sexual sex emotional and mental issues can also impact.

Many factors can influence the sex lifestyle of a man. Stress and other chronic illnesses can affect the ability to have sexual intimacy. Lifestyle and unhealthy habits could cause issues in having or maintaining an erection. But, by making healthy lifestyle changes and treating the clinical conditions, you can boost the quality of your sex and overall quality of life.

Here are ten commonly-reported sexual health concerns that men should not avoid and instead seek medical attention as soon as possible

Reduced libido: It’s expected that your sexual desire should not be as strong as the other guy’s; however, when you notice an abrupt drop in the amount of libido you have, it’s recommended to talk to a doctor. The decrease in libido could be due to underlying issues such as decreased testosterone levels and sleep apnea, chronic pain, cancer, and psychological problems.

Incontinence: Incontinence is a term used to describe leaks in the urine that happen when you press your bladder, when you cough or exercise, or laugh. This condition could be indicative of urinary tract problems.

Chronic fatigue: The lack of sexual energy and desire could result from chronic fatigue. It could be caused by damaged testicles, hormone imbalances, diabetes, and other health problems.

Erectile dysfunction: The struggle to or not being able to maintain an erection may be due to a variety of issues like mental issues and alcohol or drug use and diabetes, heart disease, and so on. 

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Penis shape: Your standard penis shape doesn’t cause any reason of concern unless there’s an unnatural curve or bend that’s uncomfortable. This could be an indication of the condition known as Peyronie’s disease. Contact your doctor immediately.

Premature Ejaculation: anxiety, depression, depression, erectile dysfunction, lack of experience can result in premature ejaculation. Instead of being embarrassed over it, please seek advice from a physician or a specialist on this subject when it occurs repeatedly.

Tumors: cysts, inflammation, cancer, infections, and cysts can be found in the testicles. Therefore, it is essential to inspect your testicles regularly for lumps. Any growth that appears abnormal must be reported to a doctor right away.

Infertility: It’s not only about the ability to bear children. Your semen composition needs to be regularly examined as it may also be connected to other diseases.

Ways to Improve Sexual Health

Control stress: Anxiety and tension can create difficulty achieving or maintaining a sexual erection, and they can also deter women from having a sexual experience. If a man is anxious about what he’ll do sexually, he could be less enthusiastic about sexual intimacy and less enthused during the process. Strategies to manage anxiety and stress are: focus less on the physical experience rather than sexual activity, working out, and sleeping more.

Stop smoking cigarettes: Smoking cigarettes can cause high blood pressure and other heart-related conditions that lead to issues with erectile dysfunction. Smoking cigarettes is also associated with the condition known as erectile dysfunction. A review of 13 studies about smoking and sexual function found that quitting smoking is often beneficial to sexual performance and decreases the possibility of having erectile dysfunction, and may help with increased erectile functions. 

Communication: Communication that is open and free can dramatically improve sexual interactions. If sexual relations issues have caused tension or anxiety about your partner, you should talk about it with your partner. Finding a solution together will help the man feel less lonely and tackle any guilt or concern. The partner might soothe fears regarding sexual issues and may offer practical advice.

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Mindful exercise: Mindfulness is the method of becoming more conscious in the present. It’s a very popular type of meditation suitable for beginners and can enhance sexual performance. The research published in 2017 suggests that mindfulness-based treatments can alter negative perceptions about sexuality and improve sexual relations and assist people in being more aware of sexual activity. Meditation and mindfulness may also aid in managing stress that is not related to sexual activities. This could help address sexual dysfunction and increase a man’s capacity to be present at the moment.

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Treat health issues: Erectile dysfunction is an early sign of health problems. It is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced state of your body by taking a balanced diet, being physically active, and controlling stress. Treatment of chronic health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease is vital. Follow the recommended dosage of medications and consider modifications to your lifestyle that improve overall health. If symptoms from these conditions become worsened, seek medical attention. Exercise more: Physical exercise will reduce the risk factors for heart disease and improve sexual health and general health. Health issues like hypertension, coronary disease, and diabetes may damage nerves and alter the quantity of blood flowing into the penis. This could make it harder to obtain or keep the erections you desire. Furthermore, some guys are finding that exercise regularly helps improve their mental health by reducing anxiety and assisting them to feel more comfortable with their bodies.

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