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Top EMR For Private Practices In Healthcare IT 2021

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No matter the size of your healthcare facility, you need a good electronic medical record (EMR) solution to increase operational efficiency and provide better care for your patients. But finding one for your private practice is always a daunting task. With hundreds of products available in the market, choosing a single EMR software is more confusing than ever. The best software solutions, such as eClinicalWorks EMR, offer functionalities to cater to private practices and can adapt to your unique workflows to ensure it is as efficient as possible. Your medical facility has unique requirements to be met by an EMR software vendor, which is why we have shortlisted top EMR systems for private practices. 

eClinicalWorks EMR

This award-winning EHR solution is designed to streamline daily workflows for private healthcare practices. It is developed and distributed by eClinicalWorks LLC, a leader in the EHR industry. This platform offers a full set of features that helps its users in the delivery of highly innovative and customizable solutions for primary care offices as well as more than fifty other specialties. Key features include patient portal, population health, patient charting, integrated telehealth visits, patient engagement, and more. 

One of the most highly acclaimed services by eClinicalWorks EMR Software is ‘Eva,’ a virtual assistant. It is the industry’s first virtual assistant that can help practice staff perform clinical operations, access databases, show patient information, write notes, create charts, and much more. 

Here’s what user reviews say about eClinicalWorks:

  • It is easy to use and navigate 
  • The software supports a high degree of customization


Athenahealth is a robust EHR solution for private medical offices that incorporates practice management, scheduling, billing, and care coordination. It helps providers to improve workflows and increase the quality of care they provide. This platform includes five modules – Athenaclinicals, AthenaCommunicator, AthenaCollector, AthenaCoordinator, and AthenaClarity. 

Athenahealth EMR comes with a dashboard that offers patient scheduling and appointment management. Its cloud-based platform provides robust deployment models and ensures enhanced flexibility with mobile support to keep clinicians agile. Providers working in private clinics can focus on patient care and treatment without compromising on clinical efficiency or productivity. In addition to this, it facilitates communication between patients and providers.

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Here’s what user reviews say about Athenahealth:

  • This solution seamlessly integrates with multiple 3rd party applications
  • Athena EMR Software prioritizes consumer feedback to drive innovation


AdvancedMD offers a unified suite of software solutions designed for providers working in private offices. It offers robust features, such as electronic health records, practice management, medical billing, telemedicine functionality, patient engagement tools, reputation management, patient charts, business intelligence reporting, and financial analytics. 

Private clinics can use it to view patient information, manage appointments, automate billing, manage finances, administer telehealth care, and chart patient health. It can be personalized to individual practices, offering an easy-to-use interface to ensure success. Medical facilities relying on this product can increase their overall traffic and revenue without compromising on the quality of care. On top of this, it is compliant with multiple regulations. 

Here’s what user reviews say about AdvancedMD:

  • It is very user friendly
  • excellent billing platform with many ways to keep track of claims and payments

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is an ambulatory solution for private health clinics that handles a variety of tasks, including scheduling, e-prescribing, charting, labs and imaging, revenue cycle management, and more. This powerful solution delivers care to around 5 million patients each month and allows healthcare facilities to improve efficiency and overall revenue. It is known for its tailor-fit EHR capabilities for small and private practices.

Practice Fusion’s cloud-based, fully certified EHR solution enables practices to qualify for CMS incentives. Users can access this system on iPad as it was developed to be touchscreen optimized. In addition to this, it gives users full access to appointments, charting and patient information.

Here’s what user reviews say about Practice Fusion:

  • The software is easy to learn and use.
  • Its installation process is also easy, and the software is updated frequently to meet new requirements.

Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR offers a Health IT solution for private clinics that lets them practice medicine based on their individual style. It allows them to practice smarter and offer the highest possible quality of care to their patients. Being fully adaptable and customizable to clinical workflows, Praxis ensures greater physician autonomy, productivity, and satisfaction. 

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It is rated #1 in Physician User satisfaction, medical quality, usability, support, and training. In addition to many other categories, this platform is loved by solo and private physicians in all specialities of medicine. Praxis prides itself on its proprietary Artificial Intelligence that learns as users work to cater to individual providers. Rather than using pre-designed templates, users can chart the way they want to. This allows healthcare experts to create and customize documents in a way that works the best for them.

Here’s what user reviews say about Praxis EMR:

  • The software is user friendly and offers high level of customization.
  • Their customer support team is knowledgeable and quick to respond.

Final Thoughts

The EMR products mentioned above can help your private practice perform better in terms of operational efficiency and the quality of patient care, but to find the one that best fits your requirements, we recommend conducting a thorough research. List your feature requirements, read buyers guide, and user reviews on FindEMR to find out more about eClinicalWorks EMR and other software solutions listed in this article.

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