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What Are the Pros and Cons of Exercise?

Koby Mahon

You might have heard many advantages of exercise, but training also has an obscure side, having many serious disadvantages that might seize thousands of bodies each day. Yes, you heard that, right! It is to be noted that imprudently starting to exercise or overdoing exercise, or even ignoring to rest will take you face-to-face with the cons of doing exercise.

Whether it is heart health, mental health, joint, flexibility, and agility, or cognitive health, exercise helps improve all aspects of your health. Too much exercising might expose you to injuries and leave you feeling exhausted, weak, dehydrated, and tired. If Washington and Lee University’s report is to be believed, doing excess workouts can also extract heart difficulties, arthritis, and osteoporosis. So much so that many women also experience issues while conceiving and even lack of the menstrual cycle.  

Exercising comes with ample cons, but it also has many cons if not done correctly or with the utmost care. There may be different reasons why many people do workout regularly, whatsoever; working out is good for your health, and you need to know both sides of the coin. Without further ado, let’s discuss the pros and cons of exercising!

Pros of Exercise

It is a fact that when your body feels active, you feel better emotionally as well. This altogether helps in making one feel more energetic, attentive, and also helps in enhancing self-esteem. Below are some of the pros of exercise:

¬ Exercise helps in keeping your mind calm.

As per the reports, one who exercises feels excellent and energetic because certain chemicals are produced. So much so that it also helps in maintaining one’s sleeping pattern and giving sound sleep.  

¬ Exercise helps in fighting stress and depression.

As per Dr. Daniel M. Landers of Arizona State University, exercising helps fight mild depression and boost self-esteem. If the reports are believed, doing aerobics regularly has a positive effect on those suffering from anxiety issues or depression. According to, exercise raises endorphins, serotonin levels, and additional chemicals with a soothing and anti-depressive result. 

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¬ Exercise helps in toning the body

Exercising regularly helps tighten and to the body, which further enhances one’s physic and looks good. Exercising boosts one’s endorphins, improving concentration skills, making you focus more on your work or job, increasing self-esteem.

¬ Regular exercising helps in improving social relationships

Exercising helps in improving relations and might also help you in socializing well. It is because of the increased self-confidence that you are likely to reach out to others. Going to an aerobics class or gym or even park introduces you to new people. That’s why people who exercise reap the social benefits of the same.

¬ Exercise helps in aging well

Those who exercise regularly prove to be excellent for your body as you will age better than those who don’t do the workout. As people get older, they might suffer a problem named osteoporosis, which weakens bones. Still, regular weight-bearing exercise such as brisk walk, jogging, or jumping keeps bones healthy, thereby, aids in aging well.

Cons of Exercise

It should be held in mind that one must not start doing workouts suddenly. There must be a proper way to accelerate the workout plan. As per, one must complete one fifty minutes of average cardio/week, including at least two strength exercise days. This is how one must start a specific exercise plan, which can then be increased regularly on counts of duration or intensity. Let’s catch a glimpse at the cons of applying:

¬ Harms the joints

You might have heard the other way round that exercising helps eliminate the stiffness of joints. But there is a cryptic view to it as well. It is reported that excessive jogging or weight training might damage your joints. Excess of everything is terrible, so overdoing anything that puts a strain on your joints would harm them instead of giving you benefits. Exercises such as elliptical training machines, recumbent cycling, swimming, tai chi, etc., are easy on your joints. 

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¬ Exercise is stressful

It is to be held in thought that overdoing even workout proves to be stressful. The thumb-sized adrenal glands atop kidneys create hormones such as cortisol, norepinephrine, and DHEA. These hormones enable your body to respond to various stress, emotional as well as physical. Overexercising becomes stressful as intensity and frequency enhance and hormones become depleted, causing hormonal imbalance. This ultimately happens in estrogen dominance in ladies or testosterone insufficiencies in men. 

¬ Exercise causes inflammation

Yes, you read that, right! Training creates inflammation, as well. It is noted that endurance exercise can improve oxygen utilization to above ten to twenty extents in the established state. Therefore, the increased oxygen input enhances free radicals’ composition, resulting from converting energy into ATP for muscle contractions. This, thereby, results in chronic inflammation, which is seen in diseases, namely, strokes, cancer, heart issues, Parkinson¹s, Alzheimer¹s, premature aging, to mention some. 

¬ Exercise destroys diets

There is no doubting that you require to be very adamant when it comes to diet when you are working out regularly. Whether you are on a low-calorie diet to lose weight or on a low inflammatory compound diet to control an autoimmune condition or cancer, or on a low carb intake, it becomes very challenging to continue the nutritional changes alongside heavy exercise patterns. That is why it is said that exercise hampers diets.

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