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Five Easy Steps On How To Be A Beauty Guru

Samantha Green

Are you looking for tips on How To Be A Beauty Guru or you need to market yourself to become a beauty guru or influencer? Read here…

Once upon a time, the trend was to register for a makeup course to learn how to apply makeup. So the chances were you also became a go-to person among your friends and family when applying makeup for parties or special occasions. 

If you have a knack for makeup and beauty and want to share your knowledge with others, start your beauty vlog by learning how to be a beauty guru. Unfortunately, those days are gone when people will come to you for tips.

With thousands of free vlogs on applying makeup like a pro finding a niche can be challenging. Thanks to the beauty influencers and beauty vloggers, you need to market yourself to become a beauty guru or influencer. If you want to be the next beauty guru like Kylie Jenner, there are a few things that you have to know. These next five easy steps to being a beauty guru can take you a long to crack the highly competitive beauty influencer market. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the steps. 

Step 1. Research Well and In-Depth

First and foremost, you have to invest time in researching the industry. The best way to start is by going through the vlogs available on YouTube and other social media platforms. These channels cover almost every beauty element, from hair to makeup. Once you go through these channels and learn from them how they present themselves, engage with the audience, and what their niches are. 

From these videos, you will also learn the things that you would not like to do, areas that you would like to engage in more, and thus find your niche. It is vital that when you are starting as a beauty blogger and setting yourself up as a guru, you have to create a niche for the audience. It is only possible if you invest time in researching the current beauty vlogging scenario. 

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Step 2: Investment 

Apart from investing time in research, you would also need to invest money if you want to become a beauty blogger. The investment section can be categorized into two sections:

Right Beauty Supplies 

Now that you have an idea of the type of beauty guru you want to become, you need to invest in buying beauty products. There are millions of beauty products in the market but investing in the right products is essential. Also, another criterion that you should use when purchasing beauty products is the kind of videos you want to make and the look you want to create. 

If you are interested in organic and eco-friendly ranges, purchase brands that offer these and review their products. 

The Equipment

The production aspect of being a beauty guru on YouTube is vital. It will encompass everything you will present to your audience and even prospective marketing agencies. The production aspect of the content can be categorized into:

  • Filming: You would need a high-quality camera and microphone to film the video. Though YouTube and most social media platform channels accept low-resolution videos and images, you would need to invest in a good recording camera and microphone that can capture HD quality production for beauty vlogging. 

Furthermore, invest in a tripod to place your camera at the perfect angle. It will keep the camera safe and make filing the vlogs easier.  

  • Lighting: You would have to build a studio at home. While building the studio, you need to be aware of the lighting that would showcase the room’s original colors and products. Remember both natural and secondary lights are essential to ensure your audience can see every detail 
  • Editing: For your audience to enjoy the final product, you need video editing software. Don’t try to find cheap or fake versions. To save money, instead, buy original video editing software. For example, you can buy Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. 
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Step 3: Start Making Content 

It’s time to dive into the work now, with creating the contents. Don’t be afraid to try out new things and make mistakes. The critical factor is you should keep doing it. You make every content a practice to make the next one better. 

We recommend that you make a schedule for creating new content, like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Before your YouTube channel launch, at least have a few videos in hand. Also, always have a few videos in store even after the channel launch. We advise you to work ahead at least a week in advance. 

You can edit the videos in-store as per the feedback received when you have worked in advance. But, if you don’t take the feedback to get better and understand what your audience wants, they will leave you. So, create content keeping your audience in mind. 

Step 4: Branding The Channel 

Before launching the channel, you have to create it. Just like you invest time in your content, you have to create channel arts, like banners, avatars, channel names, etc., to make it attractive. The process will also include optimizing the names and the contents at a later stage to make your channel a brand. It should be engaging, catchy, and something unique that showcases your style. 

Step 5:  Market It On Social Media 

Creating a channel for your beauty vlog, whether it is on YouTube, Tok-Tok, or IGTV, is not enough. You need to market your channel on all other social media platforms to make the buzz. Also, it will keep the audience, irrespective of the platform, up to date about the content you post. 

Once you have planned out and started working on all these steps, you can achieve your dream of becoming a beauty vlogger. 

Final Words

Remember, the journey to becoming an established beauty guru is challenging. After posting a few videos and not getting over a thousand views, you cannot lose hope. As a blogger, you have to be patient and persistent with posting your content regularly. 

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Once you have mastered that and want to collaborate with some beauty brands, contact Afluncer, the best platform that brings beauty influencers and beauty brands together.

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