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Sellers of Black Market Botox are Cheating Innocent Girls and Women on Social Media

black market botox

Planning to Buy Black Market Botox – Don’t Get Cheated on Social Media

Is it safe to buy botox online? Well, the answer to this question is No if you are easily convinced by fake medical practitioners on social media. There are several unqualified medical practitioners who are selling black market botox and this is affecting the health and wealth of innocent women and girls who easily trust what people sell on social media platforms.

If you are planning to purchase botox injection online, be sure to check if the seller has medical qualification to help you with botox injections to buy or with face patches, etc.

Can u buy botox online?

Yes, you can. There are several websites offering botox. If you are looking for black market botox so that you can save some money, most likely you are going to end up being scammed by unauthorized fake medical practitioners of botox.

Is it legal to buy botox online?

Yes, but only if you purchase from authentic sellers. Do not believe anyone selling botox without a medical certificate or seller authentication. Botox is a serious thing, make sure to do your research because it is not just matter of money but also your health.

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How Do These Black Market Botox Sellers Target Women?

  • There would be advertisements of “facial injections using Botulax, Innotox and ReNTox products from South Korea that are not licensed in Britain”.
  • The advertisers would say they are selling “unlicensed versions of Botox” for cheap rates.

Treatment of black market botox can even blind you for life and leave you with scars that would leave looking completely different from what you used to be. So beware and avoid anything and everything sold on social media in the name of beauty treatment especially botox as it could be life threatening.

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