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Clothes that Give You a Faultless Hourglass Figure

Riva Fashion Coupon

We’ll talk about Riva Fashion Coupon and how you can look like a celeb with an hourglass figure. There are different types of clothes for different types of body shapes such as pear, apple, flat, and hourglass. An ideal hourglass figure is all about superb curves and looks.
Most of us want to look more curvy and young. But we don’t know what to do to achieve an hourglass figure.
First of all, it is important to choose clothes wisely that helps to give an hourglass shape. The hourglass figure makes you more adorable and eye-catching in every function and party. Riva Fashion store helps you to increase your feminine look.

Riva fashion coupon

They also offer special sales on each product such as Riva Fashion coupons.
How to take benefit of this code? Simply visit and apply this code and get the maximum discount. Here we discuss 6 types of looks that take you to the next level and form an ideal hourglass look.

Riva Fashion Coupon for Geometric Look

Riva fashion coupon

Buy geometric shapes and designs to create a perfect hourglass look. Take advantage of these types of dresses as it helps to elevate your entire figure. These geometric shapes are slim at the waist and apparently narrower that part and give a curvy look.


Riva Fashion Coupon for Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dresses at riva fashion

These types of dresses are ideal to form an hourglass figure as it generally draws concentration to your waist. Bias cut frocks also help to give a curvy look. In wrap dresses a wide belt is placed at the waist line which emphasizes a beautiful shape. A V-Neck is also use to flatter your chest and extend your figure.

Belted Sweater Dress

Belted Sweater Dress riva fashion

Looking for something elegant and beautiful? This belted sweater dress looks stunning on every woman and makes them more attractive. A thin belt at the waist is a great way to catch attention for your hourglass figure. Plus, these sweaters and belts are widely available at Riva Fashion store in different colors and sizes. Ladies should think about Riva fashion coupons to explore the very next level of latest fashion and style.

Button-down Shirt or Blouse

Button-down Shirt or Blouse riva fashion

Wear a button-down shirt or blouse with skinny tight jeans to obtain a perfect curvy hourglass figure. Make sure the shirt or blouse is tightly fitted and well-tailored. Also, it goes best with a pair of heels to make a fashion statement. This look will prominent your bust and slimming the tummy area to create an hourglass figure and look in fashion all the time.

Colorful Crop Tops

Colorful Crop Tops riva fashion

Before purchasing anything, consider about crop tops. A pretty top worn with a lofty waist skirt will definitely make you a fashion model. A crop top is showing the little part of your tummy and the result is a perfect hourglass outline.

High-waist Trousers

Riva fashion coupon

The lower part of your body is also important for an hourglass shape. A high waist, wide-leg trouser flatters your legs and bolds your waist area. Bonus, the use of a belt will also highlight your waist further. When it comes to jeans, prefer high-waist which also makes your hips wider and helps to form an hourglass silhouette.

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